Hitman 2 steam


He’s talking like he was sold on purchasing the game because there would be a preload - see his above comment where he was supposedly promised a preload.

There’s a difference between expecting/demanding a preload and saying “a preload would have been nice”.


I am demanding that PC should get same release time as of consoles. IOI can not control steam and consoles release but they can control when their own server goes live. @Travis_IOI


Um… The PS4, Xbox and PC servers all went live at the same time days ago.

At least you concede that IO has no control over the Steam release times.


Exactly. They should go live only when each platform has done downloading /installing.


I might have agreed with you if it wasn’t 2018, there wasn’t preload on consoles and Hitman 2 did not cost more than $60 and did not take more than 50 Gb on hard drive.


I meant to say they may not control it.


At the end of the day, there is a reason that there is no Steam preload. Whether IO, WB or whoever made the decision decides to publicly disclose that reason is up to them - but there is a reason behind it. Whatever it is.

They wouldn’t have just randomly made the decision.


You have to install legacy pack also at the same time as it is included in H2 along with Sniper assassin. Total download size for H2 would be about 85 GB


I have no problems with release times. I got used to them as a Steam special feature which affects every game and publisher.

I have problems with a lack of pre-load. At this stage, any AAA wanna-be game ought to have pre-load.

Exactly. Even without Legacy pack download will be long but since most pre-purchasers are returning players and fans, that’s quite sloppy from IO not to think about it.


As a customer I feel cheated. I don’t care about their reasons for decision.


That’s just childish.


And saying that its my fault that I am not born in non 3rd world country is very mature.


I never made a comment about where you were born… I made a comment about where you currently live.


Same thing.


Oh, hello @uberpoisedmortal.

Bye now.


I don’t think IO will still figure anything out before the 9th regarding preloads on Steam. But I find it nonsensical, even unjust to some degree, that players on PC paying the same price as people on console should not be able to download the game at least. I don’t see much speaking against it, but this decision has already been made I would reckon.
This also goes for the 13th too. Why put a heavier load on servers, why make people wait longer, much longer in some cases?
Let’s just hope they do figure something out.
But nonetheless, I am really looking forward to playing. After all, this is something I’ll probably completely forget about once I actually have the game installed :grin:


Wow. You are a quick Aussie I say! :laughing:


So its confirmed? No pre-load and a steam release 20h after consoles?


12h later release and no preload.


This situation still being in the dark is fuelling my hatred for the console market. The console versions get all the attention, early preload, exclusive crap, PC gamers always getting put lowest on the priority list.