Hitman 2 steam


Maybe cause the console base is more vast and commercial? And for pc is more easier to hack the game ecc


Pretty much. I’d buy a console but I can’t play most games without mouse and keyboard.


It’s simply because Microsoft and Sony will reach for whatever ends there are to keep consoles relevant for as long as possible. In truth, they’re just PCs with a heavily simplified OS and even heavier restrictions. Controllers are the only thing that distinguishes them as consoles, but even that can be used with a PC.

Ranting aside, I just hope the preload on Steam becomes available ASAP as I estimate about 17 agonizing hours of waiting to download it on my terrible connection.



Yes, I did notice that on the AMA. The only thing I’ve left to hope for now really is that it’s no longer “current info”



Launch on PC/Steam

Pre-Load on Steam

Keeping my fingers crossed that I can at least Pre-Load this shit.

Edited my initial post because the bit of text saying the game will start downloading at midnight has since been edited to red 7 PM CET.


well at least they are trying


Well if it’s gonna be available to download at midnight, then in my case it ought to be ready to play just in time for 6PM


It is weird though. Isn’t it a pre-load if you can download it at midnight but can’t play until 7 PM CET?

Maybe I just don’t understand the term.


It sounds like a pre-load to me… maybe it’s only a pre~load when it starts 24h+ before release? I’m consused :thinking:


I am still a bit confused, I can download it at midnight but can’t play it until late the next day? Isn’t that considered pre-load?


Maybe downloading on the date/day of release is not considered a pre-load by them.


They edited it to 7pm CET


Yeap. I’ll edit my initial post to reflect this.


Apparently it’s just a mistake from IO. It now reads 7 PM CET.


Is that supposed to mean that a preload was not looked into before or that there are options left that were not looked into or not available before? Seems kind of odd so close to release.

Maybe it’s just supposed to reduce the amount of complaints a bit by making it look like it’s still a possibilty.


Okay, so it’s 1,5 days to release and then 1,5 days to download. What is life?


Starting at 7pm and leaving the PC running for the night seems like a reasonable scenario.


I got Hitman 1, and chapter 2 for free, and when i got the GOTY edition, the rest of the DLCs took around an hour to install. So i assume its gonna be around 2h, if i dont install the Legacy pack immidiately


Thanks to our fellow user Tekno1, we can confirm that we have preload on steam since right now