Hitman 2 steam


Awesome! Pre-load ducking started!


Nice. Thanks IOI



It downloads only about 8 GB even with all the locations checked though :thinking:


Yeah, that’s slightly worrisome.


‘‘Not installed’’


+1 for having a separate folder for the Hitman franchise


If the whole pre-load arrives overnight, im be able to install it tomorrow morning, as i wont be able to (edit: properly) get to Pc until 3pm


Yes, that is very odd considering how big the game is supposed to be.


Ehh, yeah, but the game is 8gb, the maps take the rest of the 105 gb


So basically it’s just the launcher?

I hope IO/Steam haven’t fucked this up and the levels start downloading shortly.


I guess so

But it wont hurt me much.

I can pre-load it tomorrow morning, before school, it should be done in 4-5h


@Travis_IOI @Clemens_IOI please reach out to the people responsible for the preload because it seems the preload might be missing files.


So… yeah… this defo feels like I’mma need to uninstall it and re-download or some shit.


Steam pre-loads are pretty bad in my experience, decrypting takes way too long and one time the pre-load was corrupted and I had to download the game normally again, which was the last time I ever used it.

GOG and Uplay have a better preload system, for Thronebreaker all I had to do after pre-load was download a couple of missing files (10mb) and voila i could run the game no problem.
Steam on the other hand, I had to wait 2-3h once, at that amount of time I could have downloaded the whole game.

Nice to see they managed to activate pre-loads though, did they say if they could unlock the game at midnight tonight?

Anyway, I’ll wait until its unlocked before downloading, and play it early Saturday morning. So much for “4 days early”


Since the game is all delivered through DLcs, my guess is that they might have only have set the “base” game to preload and nothing else.

I will be checking this myself once I get home. I have lots of experience with Steams inner workings so I can see what content is being downloaded.


They are aware, we are in the Discord and from time to time Travis and other IO staffs I don’t know take a look.


Yep confirmed.

They need to move the DLCs to the public branch @Travis_IOI


I wonder if the pre-load possibly means a midnight launch for us as well?


Not from what they’ve said on twitter.



Damn, well I a man can dream