Hitman 2 steam


Looks like the missions are slowly being added to the pre-load list. Uninstalled my pre-load and the size to download is now almost 13 GB.


Ooh please don’t make us repeating this over and over.


I take it back, it’s still 8,6 GB. :confused:


I feel really bad for you Steam users. It seems like it is really a terrible platform to use.

But not bad enough for me to say I might be H2 in 2 and half hours!:smiling_imp:


Steam is godtier

Gaben is daddy


Since they are only adding and not replacing it shouldn’t make you repeat any downloads.

@Accidental-kills98 it’s a great platform… Seems whoever is in charge of managing the Steam version isn’t very familiar with it


Bummer, it always happens with the games you really want.


Why 8gb though, only one level pre-load?


Discussed above. 20char


Gabben can’t count higher than two, not really god tier.:joy:


But you dont
You just asked JaseC on ERA


I know how to see the data depots downloaded in a regular downloaded and I was in doubt if it could be done on a preload or no, yes.


So can someone please sum it up for a steam user? Does it begin the regular download at 0.00 9.11 CET? or Later?


Download is technically available right now but it doesn’t include any of the missions. We hope it gets fixed soon.


OK it says it will update again at 20:49 CET in my steam. So 4 minutes to more preload?


No. 1 minute. :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s just Steam setting up a auto download schedule , not when a update releases. You can click the button to resume download now, no need to wait for that hour


Mhh so I will not be able to start at midnight… mhhh


The hype is very real right now


Is it midnight for you? Please explain