Hitman 2 steam


How is that possible? It doesnt do that with me?


preload already begun for steam.


I am aware, but it doesn’t let you install it.


I think it will be tomorrow 18 CET sadly… although that would be completely against the advertisement of 4 days.


Fuck, I thought I would just be able to let this DL over night, but it’s not fixed yet, and I need my sleep for work tomorrow. :frowning:


If you are happy to leave your PC on overnight it should just download automatically


These are the trials, my friends.

The trials of patience.

Would REALLY love some of that sweet reassurance from IO about this


I feel a disturbance in the force starting at midnight. A noticeable signal without interference.


There is no FIX as the game will only begin downloading tomorrow 7 pm CET


Maybe, maybe not. All I know is I have 8.5gb downloaded already


Something just occurred to me, and this might be a little far-fetched, but what if this 8.5 GB download is actually incredibly compressed?


Highly unlikely.
Especially considering that none of the DLC show up as “Installed”


I think the 8.5gb is the same as the console version prologue. So the training maps and NZ


So there may be at least a familiar pattern here - how much time did it take between 8 GB to 50-something GB pre-load to become available for the console versions?


I think it was like days


Well, piss.

still tryin to have hope


Well if NZ is included as Vincentdante says, we can play that while it keeps downloading… its something


Wait, so I will have to download againthe game at 10 am pt?



I hope this will come to fruition soon.


where was this posted?