Hitman 2: Still bugged challanges

Hello IOI,

I spend a lot of time thinking about your last Hitman 2 update, and i still cannot understand how it possible that you leave us with still broken content in game.

You decide to make Hitman 1 & 2 a permament online game, but in a same time you can’t resolve problems caused by online profile. I never argued with your idea. But tell me how it is possible that you stop updating game if game still contain unresolved problems caused by your awesome idea - ONLINE profile, and can permamently broke game challenges?

Problem always was connected to multi conditional challenges, like challanges for beating all 5 classic challanges, discover locations on map, etc.

When players lost connection to multi-conditional challenges they stuck forever, and they cant do absolutely nothing because this is a server side profile. You completely dont know how resolve problem… for months.
HOW? You cant add a feature that allow player reset chellenges for specific mission, and give us a possiblity to fix a problem?
I love your games for quality of your products, but this situation stay far away from quality. You leave game with broken feature.

Second thing is…
Whan backlog means to you? “We fix it in HITMAN 3”, “We fix it eventually”, “we do not fix it”?

I spend a lot of time in game, 350 hours in HITMAN 1 and 300 hours in Hitman 2, love all your games, but fact that you dont even explain is there are any plans to fix it and what backlog means to you is really dissapointing.

Best regards for your team IOI.


Well unfortunately it’s not uncommon at all for games to just stop being updated after a certain point, specifically worsening over the last 15 years or so (shortly after realizing the whole Live Service was successful and saved on production of physical products).
I thought the same as you… that a company couldn’t nor shouldn’t just stop working on a title already released as work in progress (like EVERY title these days). As it turns out they CAN, and legally too. No ad ever mentions the quality of the final product. Think of games like recent Fallout titles. Then again there are those rare ones like PUBG and FORTNITE who are still riding on their success for as long as possible, aware the honey pot isn’t empty just yet. Each of those 2 cater to a certain age though obviously and they’re multiplayer, meaning the player base can sustain itself until the devs stop content flow and players grow bored of the same thing. Which is what most single player games like hitman can easily suffer from.

Anyway. The heart of the issue lies with publishers (Warner bros), not the development team (ioi). Most would argue its the shareholders that most influence the final product, the publishers being the 2nd in the chain followed by the creative dev team. Personally I have a hard time believing shareholders will put up with alot of this crap from other games but what do I know. I’m just a player (… with 900+ hrs racked up).

Listen. I’ve been part of fan projects like hitmaps (not actually part of them though) projects you’d think “surely these guys have some pull with the devs…” when we don’t (idk about hitmaps guy… But the devs for fallout 76 were aware of the Map76 crew and yet look what happened to them!).
Idk how companies do their testing these days but before Live Services they were more efficient (not perfect but WAYYYYY more polished than any game today by faaaaaar). I’m here boycotting the industry’s microtranny system in multiplayer titles (plus Hitman is a childhood Fav)

What’s your point here?
I don’t mind that Hitman 2 is no longer being supported since most major issues have been fixed and all of the content we’ve received has greatly surpassed 2016’s.
I definitely agree with the lack of polish in recent games, especially with your example of 76, but this doesn’t really apply to Hitman 2. Maybe it does but it’s not really on a 76 level.
Unless you count the dlc, Hitman 2 doesn’t have any micro-transactions to speak of.
IO is neither predatory or not committed to their games.

That’s my point. I stopped playing any and all multiplayer-focused titles until microtranny regulations start (no matter how long it takes). The only solo title Ive found that holds (my) immersion is Hitman lately.
As for H2 not being supported…

… Well to be fair the content that surpassed 2016 came with the H2 base game (Id know, I started late). A large portion of H2s content is from legacy (season 1 content) - which let me make clear, I understand the major dev team issues Hitman faced during the end of s1 & start of s2, and I consider the remaining issues (that are of importance) due to that more than incompetence / unprofessionalism. The content that was genuinely new in season 2 was fantastic but kinda linear when it came to unlocking the popular rewards (which let’s be honest most rewards were reskins (aka mark 2 (some like that little microscopic insignia as a whole other unlock… Some players didn’t (I’m the latter))). Those who didn’t, well those who didn’t and came from completing Season 1 expecting progress to carry over - players like me - feel a tad let down (more than a tad) but again I understand the issues though, and considering them plus how H2 is probably one of the most polished + well/stable performing games fully released in the last 2 yrs, personally Im impressed with their work (the devs anyway, not so much the pubs).
The issues we are talking about in this thread here though are quite valid though. He’s refering to challenges he can’t complete. Also I mean c’mon some of these ongoing bugs are 10 min fixes if we consumers could do it without legal risk. One off the top of my head: specific challenges are completed but not crossed off in Mastery until exiting the mission proper.

As far as my references to 76, thats the most notable and likely known recent example, though yes it is way WAY more severe than anything Hitman is faced with lol. It should still serve as a caution to players like us who try to do all we can to keep our communities alive n well… Sometimes crossing legal lines…

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