Hitman 2 stutters in Dx12


Dx12 introduces micro-stutter for me. The FPS is absolutely better and Marrakesh among other legacy maps should be considered playable now (finally), yet the game feels a lot less smooth than when I play in Dx11 despite the higher frames. It looks like the game stutters for a few miliseconds every second or so. I had the exact same problem with Dx12 in Hitman 2016. That game played fine until I got a 144hz g-sync display. I started noticing the stutter when I uncapped the FPS and used G-Sync.

I’ve been trying to switch between Dx11 and 12 on Miami. I stand still right at the start of the level and pan the camera left and right and in circles. Dx12 has higher average FPS, but Dx11 feels smoother. Dx12 feels “choppy”. It stutters constantly.

Am I the only one experiencing this?

GTX 1070
Ryzen 5 2600
16 gb ram 3200mhz



In Nvidia Control Panel, VSYNC ON for Hitman 2 dx12 retail exe.
In game, VSYNC OFF.

Try this :slight_smile:



Doesn’t work. That introduces tearing instead :frowning: