Hitman 2 Suggestion - Elusive Targets

I am probably beating a dead horse with this, but I personally have a love/hate relationship with Elusive Targets. I understand the purpose is to make it a challenge, but I would like the ability to replay previous targets. This allows for players to try more ways to take them down, and if they made a mistake that cost them Silent Assassin rating, to achieve that rating. Maybe release it as a Add On pack? This also allows for players who did not get the game at launch to try their hands at them as well (got a friend to get the game just recently).

I just had a distraction sound bug and pull the wrong person from another part of the building and found the knocked out target and cost me my SA Rating, even with all of my other careful planning.

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Your suggestion isn’t new, there are bunch of threads with asking ETs to be replayable.
My suggestion in one of the threads about this question:


Yeah you are beating a dead horse.



Surely this topic has been opened many times already and will open more than once. But I think the developer will remain relentless. This is the concept of ET - you can complete it only once. To be honest now, thanks to the SA tracker, I have no problem with that.

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I’d have no problem once the development is all done for the series (if it will ever end), having a DLC add-on to replay elusive targets whenever you want.

Couple of £ for all that extra playability and dialogue is a good deal to me.

Didnt ioi say that their plan IS to release all the Elusive Targets permanently at some point?

I don’t think they’ve ever said that, do you have a source?

Somebody on these forums said that. @cakeblock941 you usually know this stuff, wanna fact check this?

they never said that