Hitman 2 Suit Tier List

Out of boredom I decided to create a tier list maker containing all currently available Hitman 2 Suits!
Be sure to post your own tier list.

Edit : Despite my best atempts the Tier List maker did not want to include the GOTY suits, Requiem Suit, and The Phantom suit. Im sorry for this inconvenience.


The smart casual suit when available Would be in the C tier


Low-res polyester rags don’t deserve to be on top. Sharp crispy threads only :laughing:



Requiem in S
Raven in A
Clown in B
Cowboy in B
Phantom in C

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:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Have to think about this a bit. There are a few suits I love and some I don’t care about. But I never really ranked them before.


Not the biggest fan of the joke suits. And I’m still salty that the the signature suit didn’t have driving gloves like the cover.

why don’t you just use the absolution suit? its basically the same as the cover just with a tie clip

Requiem - A
Raven - C
Clown - C
Cowboy - B
Phantom - C
Smart Casual - B
Edit: Undercover - F

S rank - my go-to suits
A rank - great suits I use once in a while
B rank - great suits that I really like but don’t use much
C rank - suits with nothing wrong about them per se, but I just don’t use them or like them much
D rank - suits I don’t see myself using; they’re either bad or really not my taste


From left (best) to right (worst).

Also since Casual Undercover and Smart Casual aren’t in game yet, I’m gonna say that PROBABLY Casual Undercover gonna end up with D, while Smart Casual gonna end up with A.


when 47 wears something i can’t imagine him wearing at all, it automatically is shit tier.


clown suit is C, undercover and smart casual are D. italian suit without gloves is B. most of the level specific suits are shit tier. 2018 sig suit is low res, but i play on a low res anyway so it’s hard for me to notice and goes in the S tier.

never understood this forum’s fascination with these suits, since most of them are crap.


No Requiem Suit? Or am I missing something here?

Check the spoiler im my main post.

Ah, okay.

Sorry. I should have read that before posting.

I figured the most basic “black suit and gloves” thing best represents the usual style of 47, so those are the reasons those are at the top. After that, I went with what I thought was similar but different enough to not match the iconic style the character usually has, which then gets into the other tier where I liked those designs. For tier C, I found all of them largely serviceable, as many of those look like casual wear, and all that’s on the bottom tier are merely just what I see as gimmick outfits; they’re not bad but I feel they’re attires I would never pick to spice up my experience, for I feel they’re too alienated from the character’s more “expected” look.