Hitman 2 - suitcase for sniper rifles

I saw in various videos on Youtube that Hitman 2 has a suitcase in which I can hide sniper rifles. How and where can I find it. I’ve already played through the game once.


Well since you said that, I would assume you have also completed the Miami level once, which should unlock you a basic briefcase. You can select it by simply starting any mission with your suit, and use one of your item tile to select the briefcase.

Also, choose any “Agency Pickup” location and smuggle any item will bring you a unique military briefcase.

If you mean ‘where to find a briefcase on the map’, you can visit hitmaps.com made by @MrMike to check out the locations of briefcases. Pretty much every H2 and Legacy map has at least one briefcase.


Suitcases for HITMAN 2016 are available only through Legacy Pack for HITMAN 2.
Suitcases for HITMAN 2 can be unlocked to use them as a starting 47 gear and can be found on almost every level in HITMAN 2


Hey, Are you this guy:-


But I think I do not play Hitman 2. The Game I play starts in France, go to Italy, Marrakesh and so on…

Would that be the correct one for Hitman 2016?

Hitman 2016 doesn’t have sniper rifle suitcase, whether the main game or GOTY version.

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No, it wouldn’t. Briefcase is a feature implemented in HITMAN 2 (2018), you won’t find any of them in HITMAN (2016), not even the GOTY edition.

And Epic surprisingly still doesn’t have HITMAN 2 on their shelves.
Could I assume it will never or not in the nearest futute there because of WB holds publisher rights of it?

So if you @Crusader want to have a briefcase in your game, most likely you will be forced to buy HITMAN 2 with all its DLCs (optionally) on Steam


I would assume IO themselves think all H2’s contents will be sold as yet another legacy pack for H3 anyway, so they don’t bother to sell H2 on EGS.

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Then they shouldn’t put H2016 there, because it already goes as a legacy pack for H2 and they should take down H2016 from Steam because of the same reason


Or maybe they should, considering it’s a less broken game. So it should generate less complains from EGS. :slightly_smiling_face:

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