Hitman 2 texture glitch

so i started the game and i noticed a really wierd bug that keeps turning my textures into pixels, i don’t know why but this only happens in santa fortuna


Something like this?:

Photocredit: @Bjojo


I got the same problem…any news for this?

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Noticed it happens with newest drivers. Downgrading to the previous drivers fixed the issue.

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The same is happening to me but on the first map and the sniper map (haven’t tried Santa Fortuna, but Miami is fine) but it does sound like it’s a driver issue. I downloaded the new drivers last night and it started happening this morning.

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You have to revert your driver at Nvidia’s site. GeForce experiences site to be specific. There you will need to manually pick a few specs and install the driver (the one before 3-12).

I have a 1050Ti, so I select the 10 series and then the 1050Ti. Then I select 64 bits and Windows 10. This depends on what kind of pc you have.


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Thank you guys so much. Been going nuts for 2 days now trying to figure it out. Thank god that’s all it was, I just bought it and thought I wasted $60.

After I bought a new screen Samsung U28E590, the Promleme have occurred. With my old screen Samsung P2770, I had no such problems. I already played it through on the old screen. I have a Ryzen 7 2500 X and a Geforce 1060 GTX 6GB.