Hitman 2 - Texture Modding


I have written a “small” guide on texture modding for Hitman 2. I say small but really it’s a bit complex, good luck to anyone who tries this.

Hopefully a few of you will enjoy this :wink:



Hi Notex

I’ve tried to follow your guide step by step by reading it, but I couldn’t succeed completely. There is some steps that I’ve found difficult to understand.

Do you think it’s possible for you to do a full video tutorial on how modding the textures in the game?
That would be very practical!

Thank You

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I can’t promise anything sorry, may I ask what parts of the tutorial you were having trouble with though?

I mean, I don’t see any reason not to be able to? Using the patch builder tool that I have linked in my tutorial makes it very easy to distribute modifications to the game.



I’m having trouble with the Part V, which is rebuilding the modified texture back into the game. (patch builder)

The last part of the patch builder’s read me says:
Decrypt HITMAN2\Runtime\packagedefinition.txt with h6xxtea.exe and adjust the patchlevel of the archive you generated a patch for to match the highest patch number.

So my question is:

How do I decrypt the packagedefinition.txt with the h6xxtea.exe tool?

I know in the h6xxtea.exe’s read me it only talks about how to decrypt the thumbs.dat file.

So when I try to drag and drop the packagedefinition.txt in the h6xxtea.exe, nothing happens.

I know I’m not an expert… but your help would be very appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

PS: My computer runs on Windows 7



It’s a command line program:


h6xxtea.exe -src packagedefinition.txt -dst packagedefinition.ini -d


h6xxtea.exe -src packagedefinition.ini -dst packagedefinition.txt -e



I’ve managed to get the h6xxtea tool working properly! Thank You

But just one more question.

In the patch builer’s 4th step:
Pass the folder with the modified files into the patch builder to pack them into a patch file.

My question is:
Is the modified files in that folder are the modified .dds texture files (the ones that we edited in photoshop and with the Hex editor), or the the game’s .vap files?



Yeah, textures that you have edited with Photoshop + hex editor. You shouldn’t need to rename them either, keeping them as .dds should be fine. Just make sure they have their original filename.



Alright! Much appreciated.

Thank you for your help.

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