Hitman 2 - unable to get Expansions installed

I can’t even get the new add on’s on my gold edition disc installation. The starter pack was downloaded and made a seperate Hitman 2 game Installation at 20gb. The expansion pass is also ticked on my original Hitman 2 game installation of 52gb. It says I don’t have access to Hantu port. Don’t believe I got any other add ons

Why would you need free Starter Pack if you already own Gold Edition?
Get rid of that Starter Pack and try again

Hi there,

I did what you said. But as you can see from this photo it states I have the extra content but when I go to play it , I get taken to PS store Gold edition page to purchase gold edition again. I already purchased it months ago when the game was released.

Another screenshot to help you understand. Please see earlier message with screenshot saying I purchase the extra content with expansion pass ticked.

As people saying, to get a DLC for HITMAN on PS4, you need to search them on the store manually and download them manually. So go search and try to download it from it’s page on the store

Thanks. I found the download in the store and it worked. Thanks so much for your help. I been playing Hitman ever since it first started almost 20 years ago.

Thank you very much, I had this problem too, it kept telling me to get the starter pack and I knew that wasn’t right. I searched the store thanks to your post and found a bunch of other free stuff I was supposed to get that I am now downloading as well.

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