Hitman 2016 - All Agent 47 Lines

I recently extracted all of 47’s lines from Hitman 2016 for another video I am making and decided to throw them all together into a single video. They won’t be the highest quality because it’s YouTube, but for most that won’t matter. Enjoy!

P.S. For some reason there were a lot of duplicates in the files for some of the lines, mainly for the House Built on Sand mission and I believe the Sapienza mission as well. I tried to remove all of the ones I could but some still slipped through. Not a huge deal, but I am aware of it and yes, it does kind of bother me, but oh well.


Hey, @Euler13, you got competition!


Never knew he had so many lines adressing Bravuomo. Thanks for sharing, this is very useful. Any chance you’ll be uploading his voice lines from Hitman 2 next?

Can you do the same for HITMAN 2?
I need that line where 47 says “Time flies when you having fun”.
It happens in Santa Fortuna


Wow this is amazing! Can you do it for Hitman 2, too? :heart_eyes:

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Why are there so many lines about fortune teller 47 talking to Mendola?!

There’s some duplicates in there that I didn’t get rid of. The lines were possibly used in like 3 different DLC files. I have no idea why.

And who is that Mr. Prowomo (??)? I haven’t played all of the DLCs…

A lawyer in The Landslide mission


I’d like to eventually. I’ve already did all the lines for the first mission but can’t afford Hitman 2 just yet.


Ah okay, thank you :blush:

Amazing! People who do dialogue videos like this are my heroes.

Would you consider doing one for NPC lines? So much world building happens there.


Sure! Got any specific NPCs you want to hear? There are over 67,000 audio files so I’ll happily take requests.


I’m sure a video with Alma Reynard’s dialogue would be interesting

Asking for a friend of course…

Oh hey I have the perfect request, maybe you could extract Diana’s voice files next? she has lots of unique dialogue at the beginning & end of each elusive target mission. And since those missions can’t be played anymore it’d be cool to have all of that dialogue readily available and without any music. I would definitely appreciate it

Diana was definitely on the list of other characters to grab voice lines from, so yep, already on it :grinning:


Amazing. You’re a peach!

Great work dude! :ok_hand:
Thanks for sharing!

Just a heads up everyone, Diana has 51 minutes worth of lines in Hitman 2016. She has 401 files. This time I did remove all duplicates.


Are there lines from Lucas Grey in Hitman 2, too? I remember he had some lines in Columbia and on Sgail. Maybe Whittleton Creek, too?