Hitman 2016 - All Diana Burnwood Lines

After some technical difficulties, I’ve finally extracted and combined all Diana Burnwood lines into a single video. A whopping 401 files and almost 52 minues long!

Here’s the thread with all of Agent 47’s lines in case you missed that:

I’m still taking requests so please let me know if you have any.
Next up is Alma Reynard from Hitman 2.


Another request!

Could you compile every voice line of the constant? That could provide clues to something in hitman 3 :eyes:

This is interesting because she seems to talk a lot about cut content here. I’ll come back and pin point what exactly but yeah.

Ah, Handler ASMR. So relaxing.


THAT… is a lot of Diana talking.

Video: This is all Diana’s lines, just wall to wall what Diana has to say
@booshmee: omg does she ever shut up


I just really want a DLC that replaces Diana with Lucas Grey, okay. :stuck_out_tongue:

“Welcome to Sapienza, Fawty-Sefen.”

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“There’s your target. You know what to do.”
“…you’re not going to tell me he’s an asshole or his outfit is tacky?”
“He’s an asshole who’s wearing a tacky outfit.”
“Never mind. It’s not the same.”

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Please, pleaaaaaaase do Lucas Grey :pray: I know it’s not much but you would make my day with it :heart:

Well I recently got a new job so sometime in the future I should be able to afford Hitman 2 :grin: Then I can do the Constant and Lucas Grey. I’ll update everyone when that happens.


Congrats man. Even if you have to space out your videos over a few weeks, it’ll help our thirst for new content hearing lines we might not have heard in our playthroughs :slight_smile: