Hitman 2016 cant go online


We don’t respond to your suggestion to purchase hitman 2? That’s offensive?


“Hey everyone who’s having a problem with hitman 2016… we recommend you enjoy a better experience by purchasing our newer game, hitman 2…”.

I hope if you’re really associated with IOI they tell you you’re fired.

I’m simply trying to find access to the product I bought. I don’t want an upsell.

Post not offensive. Users abusing the voting system to have comments that don’t support their world view. Staff please review the number of posts these users find “unacceptable”.

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There is a way to report things. The way you two are doing it isn’t it


Glad you chimed in. Where can I tell ioi my game isn’t working?


Google it.


I just want to play my game and not deal with all of you. It’s why I selected a single player game.

Seems like ioi doesn’t understand the audience.


You lost that chance already. Learn to write like a grown adult first

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Sorry about this @bigpoppa09. I hope that your problem is resolved soon.

Thank u

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I was affected by the Contracts issue mentioned above on Xbox. Heard it was fixed so fired up the game to finally do some custom hits annnnnd… THIS exact thing.

True to the point made above. There is NO way I’m buying H2 if I can’t even play the game HALF of the time I turn it on. I paid for my H1 GOTY edition and would really like to finish it. But being assholes on forums gets those guys and everyone else nowhere.

Any update or acknowledgement that this is an issue for Xbox players is appreciated.


Yeah thanks @Ibbe040. That was actually a separate issue. Was able to go online and play except any Contract. But since they ‘fixed’ that glitch I can’t even get the game to go online. “Failed to fetch configuration from the HITMAN server”.

While trying to figure out the Contract problem I created an IOI account and linked it to my xbox gamer tag. May try getting on their website to dissociate them and see what happens.


“Failed to fetch configuration from the HITMAN server” is a generic error that means the client can not connect to the server. There could be many reasons.

You are probably facing an intermediate problem between you and hitman servers. Hitman services seem to work normally right now.

You can provide your gamertag and country to help IOI to pinpoint the issue.



They’re on Xbox, mate, of course they are :joy:

Just having fun, kids, settle down.


Has @Travis_IOI been informed of this?
At the end of the day, if it’s supposed to work then it’s supposed to work.

EDIT: I see IOI are on it already. Good. Should be just a matter of time.

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Hi everyone,

The issue is fixed now.

We are very sorry for the long wait, it happened just out of our office hours and it was due to an XBox specific configuration error we had not encountered before.

Summer Bonus Episode PS4 problem

@ioi_christianco @Travis_IOI
Thanks for the replies and for your help. I simply moved onto a different game and waited giving as much info as I can.
Unfortunately, some people felt entitled to insult and harass IOI and other members of the forum.
Despairingly, this sort of behavior is somewhat the norm on forums and isn’t productive.
Hopefully, we don’t run into more trouble in the future.
Have fun and Stay well,


@DestroyerJamie is a model citizen. :slight_smile:

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Hey all I’m glad I found this forum. My game is up online after I uninstalled and reinstalled everything. I’m finding that the Club 27 mission is not loading at all and my game freezes while on the loading screen. Is anyone else running into a similar problem? I’ve already hard shut down my system and reinstalled all episodes prior to this issue.


You may need to start that as another thread to be honest.


Nothing holy about it. Just patting someone on the back. :slight_smile: