Hitman (2016) doesn't work properly on my new pc

I have huge problems with Hitman 2016. I have a brand new gaming pc with:
-RTX 2070 Super 8gb
-AMD Ryzen 7 3700X
-32gb ram
-Windows 10 64-bit

This setup runs all games really well except Hitman. When I play Hitman in DirectX11 mode, I get so bad framerate drops that it’s unplayable. In Paris for example my fps can go to 30-40 fps in the worst places even in medium-low settings.

In DirectX 12 mode I get a great and smooth framerate that doesn’t drop like in DX11 but unfortunately it has micro-stutter that makes the game unplayable after a while. First it will play without any problems at all but as time passes by, the stuttering will make the game progressively worse until it finally makes it unplayable. I would say it takes about 30 min to 1 hour to reach this state. And yet Hitman is the only game that does this to me. I play several demanding games but none of them have these kinds of problems so I don’t believe the problem is in my hardware

I disabled all unnecessary background apps, some Windows 10 security features and my Antivirus to see if they conflict with the game but those things didn’t solve it. I have reached a dead end now. I have tried all possible solutions I could think of and what was suggested to me on the Steam forums but to no avail. And now they say this issue sounds so bad I should just contact somebody from IO Interactive directly. I’m getting desperate because I don’t know what to do anymore. The micro-stuttering has something to do with DX12 obviously because it doesn’t happen in DX11 mode

Record and post here videos of DX11 and DX12 gameplay for maybe more information.
Maybe these videos will help someone to detect the problem.
At least we could see what you’re experiencing

Have you any Razor software/hardware onboard?
There are many reports that these things can break HITMAN games.
If you have, uninstall the software and reboot PC. Then try again.
If this won’t help, try to use other vendor’s mouse/keyboard.

If even this won’t fix your problem, we should dig deeper

Yes I do. I have Razer Deathadder and I use Razer Synapse software to adjust the mouse settings. I should uninstall Synapse then? Because I did prevent it from running in the background and it didn’t help.

Yes, uninstall that software completely so that nothing will stay and try a game

Didn’t work. I uninstalled Razer and played with a different mouse and it’s still happening like before. I also disabled Steam overlay and Geforce overlay. Didn’t help. Verified game files, didn’t help. Tried disabling background apps again, didn’t help. Nothing that I try works.

And I’m afraid it’s not possible to capture this problem on video, because recording a video will impact game performance so much that it’s just impossible to see where the actual stuttering problem starts.

Doesn’t IO Interactive have any official tech support so I could contact them directly? I’ve seen plenty of other users report similar problems with a high end pc on the Steam forums but there has been no known solutions for it.

As far as I know, all support is provided by WB Games (yes, I find this strange too).

You can go to HITMAN 2 dedicated support page here:
Or submit a request here:

Not even being funny, just get HITMAN 2 and the Legacy pack.

I would since it’s on christmas sale now but after seeing how badly the 2016 Hitman runs, I’m not all that certain about buying it anymore. Does Hitman 2 run better then?

I play on PS4, so I cannot really answer that. 2016 played just fine. I do not have any performance issues with either.

I don’t get 30 fps everywhere. It’s happening only in large crowds and when there are lots of light/reflection effects. The bar area and the fountain outside are like this for example. And as stated before, these frame drops happen only in DirectX 11. I get smooth fps in DirectX 12 but then I get awful microstuttering everywhere that is not related to the framerate.

gpu temp is a bit high. It remains at 85 degrees but that can’t be the problem as it gets this hot in some other games too and has no impact on other games.

So far Marrakesh seems to be the biggest framerate dropper. When I get to the market square with the huge crowd, the fps takes a really hard hit and stays at 30-40 fps everywhere in the market square. And once again DirectX 12 has incredibly smooth fps even in this part but the microstutter that comes with DX 12 makes it unplayable eventually.

I contacted WB games tech support btw. It’s the only thing I can do at this point, as I’ve tried literally everything now.

Well even support was unable to figure out the cause for my problem. I gave them DXdiag and MSinfo files and they didn’t find anything that could potentially cause problems with the game. I also did all the troubleshooting steps they asked me to do and it didn’t work. In their final email they stated that there’s nothing left to try anymore and the only thing they can do is send a bug report to IO interactive. They promised to relay all this information to IO.

Such a shame that Hitman is working so unexpectedly bad on my pc.