Hitman 2016 Going Free


Looks like on February 5th Hitman: the complete first season will be going free for PS Plus subscribers. Feel free to share your thoughts.


I hope they enjoy the game and look into Hitman2


It doesn’t sound totally fair for someone that paid the full price for it a few months back, same as hitman 2 going 50% sale a few weeks after release but i hope people like it and it gets more attention
IO’s marketing and sales design isn’t going to get them anywhere in a media where even terrible games like fallout 76 are still full price on psn and steam


There is nothing fair about free market economy get over yourself. :slight_smile:
Always look at it from the positive side: more people get to play HITMAN.


Here we go…

Yes. Having a game suddenly be free for a period to attract new players is a fact of life these days. When you pay full price for it on release, that’s the gamble you take.


Wonder if they can cheap out on the legacy parkets


They probably can.

I don’t mind that one bit. The more people get introduced to the new HITMAN (and subsequently H2) the better.


This is going to be Game of the year edition, and you know what? I bought today the Legacy pack GOTY upgrade… worst timming ever, I’m going to ask for a refund right now.


is there a source for this? everywhere I can find says it’s only the complete first season


It’s not 100% confirmed but, Hitman The complete first season was delisted long time ago from Playstation Store, and the only one avaliable for purchase is Hitman GOTY and the upgrade packs. Also, in the European Playstation blog they say is the complete first season but the trailer they are showing is for the GOTY edition:

I guess we will have to wait and see next week…


I actually don’t like this deal. We paid full price one time… these guys on PS Plus are paying “forever”…

Eventually they will have paid more for HITMAN than I did…

I’m ok with buying it full price one time.


Cool. IO made a little trailer for Season 1 again now that it’s free for the month. Don’t recall many other developers doing similar promotional material for their game going free on a third-party subscription service.


If people are smart, they’ll use this as an opportunity to get the Bonus Episode for free if they don’t already own it since it’s not available for individual purchase so that they can get the Legacy Pack for HITMAN 2.

There’s been enough people complaining about it over the last few months - so here’s their chance!


Good luck with that.


Are people who get this able to get the legacy pack for 2? Because technically you don’t own it, you can only play if you have ps plus, just curious :slight_smile:


Yes you can redeem Legacy. It gets you Legacy and not GOYY Legacy pack