Hitman (2016), Lag when vsync turned off

I want to turn off vsync for capturing video using AMD Relive, There’s no issue with playing the game when turning on vsync, it was 60fps all the time. But for recording purposes, i need to turn off vsync for much smoother fps. During gameplay it drops down to maybe 40+fps when turning off vsync. So far i cannot seem to find any solution for this, here are my pc specs,

AMD RX 580 4GB, i5 8400, 60hz monitor,

Graphic settings;
Super Sampling : 1.10
Level of Detail : High
Anti Aliasing : FXAA
Texture Quality : High, Anisotropic 16x
Shadow Quality and Resolution : Medium

This is probably just a problem with your PC, lowering your graphics settings should help.

Tried it before, but only gain 5-7 fps by turning all of them to low