Hitman 2016 ownership

Ok so i own hitman 2016 digital, hitman 2 physical and hitman 3 deluxe pre-order digital but I miss the 2016 intro and breifing theme, the sarajevo 6, old escalations etc… of Hitman 2016 so should i download it again while still possible (since now delisted) or would it mess with current access/content given the fact I did merge it all under hitman 3 plus given the fact its now became World off Assassination, and that i read you can only own one license at a time currently from what i understand? (all ps4)

They’re separate games. Having two or more installed at once won’t interfere with each other (though I do recall for some reason on PS4 DLC for H1 when installed registers as being compatible with H2 even though its not and will also show in the list of installed DLC for H2).

I do have GOTY edition H1 with executive packand whatnot, plus all other DLC except sarajevo and street arts/makeshift for PS4 if that matters.

I would just hate to mess anything under this current all-under-one-roof configuration hence why i’d like to be sure.