Hitman 2016 prototype & concepts, the game that never was


Hi there, I was searching on google for some pictures from the Beta and came across this website of an Ex IOI employer.

You can have a look at his portfolio here and also some very interesting concepts of what Hitman 2016 could had been. https://memoryswap.wordpress.com/gallery-3-concepts/

Apparently they had the intention to keep the Absolution look but what impresses me the most it the look of Diana. Beautiful I must say.

Then there is the inventory. I can understand it’s just a concept, but the idea of it and how things were shown had something cool in it.
And as you can see there were real weapons in it and not invented purple ones.

The targets were dope and the shadow clients was meant to be a woman I think.
And 47 had to ride a motorcycle in Marrakesh. But just concepts and in the descriptions it says Cario.


Shadow Client?

And the beautiful Diana. Seems she used to smoke.

I still wonder how did they think it was acceptable to show us this in the first E3 trialer and not the wonderful model from the concept they had in mind.
And the model was even done, or how the album in the website says “Screenshots and Renders”


The Look of Agent 47
47's Face Part 2
47's Face Part 2

The actress with the cigarette is modeled after either Charlotte Rampling or Diane Kruger.


I have no idea, but I’m in love with this early model of her.
And the cigarette makes her even more sexy.


This picture is so awesome, might be one of my favorite concept art pictures from the series. I love blood splatter on the toned glass wall, it reminds me of the blood from past games. I kinda want to see a it reintroduced into the game with current tech.

Here are some more

Look how proud he looks :joy:

This kinda looks like you @badeaguard ^

I remember seeing something similar to this at IO, before H16 was announced.

Also the subtitle Shadowplay is quite nice, kinda liked it.


You think? That’s so sweet :joy: :blush:


Was actually talking about this picture though :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s an interesting face there.It looks totally diferent than anything we’ve seen before.
Something seems odd about it but I can’t quite say what


Yeah I feel exactly the same way. I think it’s a great looking model, but kinda…weird.

I still prefer it to the 2016/Hitman 2 beta models though


the “ingame” model looks better than the renders. but there’s just something so off about the model. maybe too distinguishably human / something about being copied from an actor’s face. i prefer the current promo renders from H2016 and H2, but prefer the ingame model in those pics.


“Shadow Play” would be a pretty lousy subtitle for a Hitman game. They were smart to drop that, and the “Volume 6” thing.




I like the feel of these two.They look like someone took them in a hurry in an atempt to get photos of 47


My bad, shadow play is meant as for the shadow in game grpahics I think and not a name of something.


When I went to the UK everyone had good teeth.

Any way, I think she is so beautiful in that design.


I agree she looks like she’s from a 90s sitcom. It’s okay I actually like what we got more now. That design would’ve matched Vivienne as the voice actor more I think though.


Even if ideas are dropped or don’t work out during development, it’s very interesting to see where concepts end up in the retail release.

According to the file names, Novikov was an early target from a location set in the Saudi Towers. 47 was visit places like Cairo, Tokyo, Bahrain, a museum + possibly assassinate the likes of Khatani, Mrs. Ando, and Ito.

Also, the supposed image of Diana is titled ‘meeting Sybille’, perhaps another character? I don’t think Diana ever smoked.


All of these look awesome. I wish the final release used these concepts.


While these are cool concepts and parts that I would have liked to have seen in the game.
They are but that, concepts.

I would have liked to have seen this been realized into the game.


Holy shit I adore this colour palette. THIS is how you convey darkness and still have the high class vibe Io was going for in H6 without being a dopey spy thriller.


I like the Delisle/VSS Vintorez influence with the rifle. Very Hitman-esq. Somewhere down the line someone said “you know what we’re not doing that”