Hitman 2016 prototype & concepts, the game that never was


i mean, IOI clearly wasn’t trying to convey “darkness” in this game. their vision was clearly high-class and vibrant with 2016.
but i do hope we get a good mix of high class / vibrant and low class/gritty in H2 :^)


I saw that part about the presumed Diana. I still like to believe it’s her.


I knew these concepts reminded me of a movie trailer!




My memory is probably a tiny bit hazy but I believe I have seen some of these before back in 2012, when there was that Hitman Community Day at the IO offices to mark the release of Absolution. We had to sign an NDA which is probably valid for all eternity, but what I will say is that there was a “brainstorming wall” full of concept artwork for a future game and some of these I can remember quite clearly… Others not so much.

This one was definitely on there:


Mrs Ando could be a nice target. She seems so cold and cynical. IOI could reuse those concepts for future missions. There were alsa nice concepts made for Absolution



Just want to point out that the filename is “meeting sybille”. I don’t think this concept was intended to show Diana, but rather a new handler perhaps?


I don’t care. I think I love her :disappointed_relieved:
But jokes aside she does look very similar to Diana.


Which Diana is that? :slight_smile:


Wow. Looks fantastic. I love the Absolution style graphics. Looks so much better.


Really like this. Love the last game but this looks very nice. Idd bit darker but still stylish chique. You can recognise some of the places in it. Like hokkaido and the building from marracesh?


The one we have now. Or at least it looks similar to me.


About the face I would say the Diana from codename47 to bloodmoney… mwoehahaha…


My first thought when i saw the picture: Looks like badeaguard…
Funny now i read comment :smiley:


Coincidence. I started to publish my face around here from 2016.


someday they will replace David Bateson with you.

“The Money has been wired to your Account.“



Nah man. I’m not even so sure I fit that much the profile. The voice sucks for sure


so does Davids :stuck_out_tongue:

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Create 100 accounts.