Hitman 2016 prototype & concepts, the game that never was


i’m sorry, but for me is Thorsten Michaelis the Voice of Agent 47!


I’m trying really hard not to flag this as inappropriate


i also think David Batesons Hands are too feminine. Buts thats another Topic for another Day - i made myself enough Enemies today :stuck_out_tongue::joy:


his hands?!



yup, there is/was once a whole Thread about 47s Hands “looking to feminine“…


that’s such an odd thing to notice :smile: i guess i really am still new to this community



Google translate:

マイ: My
ナル: Null


From the way it looks I get the feeling these were for Absolution, not Hitman 2016. Does the source say the were for the current game? I’m too lazy to check.


Current game, there is a photo were it says they end up just using the name HITMAN or something like that.

Plus if you look closely that’s the Swedish Embassy in the background and it pretty much says 2016 in game prototype.



It does say 2012 in the logo so maybe that’s a clue


These where probably first concepts for Hitman 2016 that they started working on right after releasing Absolution


I wonder whether there were any ideas for DLC missions with Absolution which were shelved. The ending tries it’s best to set up a new story with Det. Faulkner and Birdie, I’m guessing they were hoping it would go somewhere.

Faulker was central to the Absolution ARG, and I was expecting to see more of him in the game. Yet his plot goes nowhere. I guess he ended up on the cutting room floor, becoming as irrelevant as the sushi delivery guy.


I know there’s loads of shelved Absolution stuff, not necessarily for DLC but ideas for missions and story beats that were cut during production. IO had an Absolution bible in their lobby for visitors to read while they were waiting at one point, and it plotted out the trajectory of the entire game. Its probably heavily NDA’d like everything else so I dunno how much detail I can go into without getting Pariah’d hueh


Pssst :zipper_mouth_face:- or they’ll send 47 after you!


Bunch of it was shown in Absolution Full Disclosure app


In this thread there are all concepts for Absolution. I hope to see some of them developed in future Hitman games


Yeah, the Full Disclosure was more like “Partial Disclosure” to be honest. There’s a ton of stuff that didn’t come out in that app.

I’d love to talk at length about it but since I signed an NDA and IO have been kind enough to let me roam their building on several occasions I should probably be respectful and shut my gob.



Amazing! I love discovering early concepts and artwork like this. I had not seen any of this before. That early render of 47 was way better than what we were shown back in 2015.