Hitman 2016 prototype & concepts, the game that never was


The level designer talking about The Hunter and hunted mission from Contracts

Little known fact: I wanted the track playing in the OD’ed junkie’s room to be Shurik’n’s ‘Fugitif’ but since IO couldn’t secure the rights, we used ‘Le Souteneur (Mr Claude)’ by Faf Larage instead.

Another new thing i learned about Contracts.


Always loved this pic, i remember back in '14 that this was the only pic we had about the next entry in the series. All the theorizing about what could be the possible locations from what is displayed.


It’s pretty interesting seeing these images and the fact that they are 5 years old by now. It’s cool to get a look into the production of what would become H16 later down the line. Funny thing I remember the subtitle ‘Pro’ when I took part in users sessions at IO and we got a summary of what H16 would be about. I’m glad they didn’t go with Pro, but sadly I would have prefered them sticking with a subtitle. In that way we would not be stuck with the “Hitman 2” title.

This is a very interesting piece of art and I can only imagine it evolving into the scene where 47 is running in the snow from the cinematic.


i hope we get a dark, moody, snow level again one day. would be so cool


awoooo! awoooo!

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Yes I do miss the darker and more cold levels, I do love the sunny and bright levels. But there is just something mesmerising about snow levels in Hitman. The atmosphere in a level like ‘Invitation to a Party’ is some of the best the series have to offer, the clam night with snow falling. It’s dead silent and the only thing that breaks the silence is the sound of the snow under ones shoes.


Uhh… Hokkaido, the snowy, grey paletted level where you stare down an asphyxiating woman and crush a man’s organ donation or forcible inject botulism into him.


Considering the upcoming entry i would have gladly preffered Pro or Shadow Play or any other subtitle.


i meant something during night time. where the snow is falling and 47 can only see trees and snow for miles.

something like out of bounds Hokkaido. with the trees everywhere, the lake, and the cozy village


But Hokkaido isn’t really moody. It exist in the same tone as other levels from H16, it’s the more luxurious, glamorous and warm. It doesn’t really reflect the nature of 47’s job.

For alle I care they could have called it the most generic thing like “Hitman: Conviction” or “Hitman: Revenge of the Fallen”. It just seems silly to call It Hitman 2, when it isn’t even a reboot.


Well all the best snow levels are in the heart of St Petersburg not exactly a forest. But I wouldn’t mind another night level for the story though.

The Spa/Resort level definitely but the clinic is definitely moody I mean illegal organ harvesting, making a man so depressed he kills himself and making a man kill your target after consuming drugs. Not to mention how sinister the dark and red light morgue or the white and soft blue palette of the clinic.



True there are elements of darker and more grim stuff in every level of H16. However it doesn’t dive into it like past games did. Contracts is a good example of the grim side of Hitman, one could even say it’s too dark. But I miss that there is a change of tone between levels. Silent Assassin deals with it very well, you go from dark to light and back and forth.

The newer games goes more for a pretty surface, however If you dig deeper into the world it becomes darker and you see glimpse of the underworld. Sometimes I just want it to experience the contrast out in the open, instead of it being hidden behind luxury and upper society.


honestly, i can see IO doing a more openly dark/moody level this time around (in H2). if IO does it, come back to this comment and tell me i was right :stuck_out_tongue:

i mean, Colombia is already much different than anything in 2016. definitely more serious as well. they know what we want, and i think we’ve just gotten a taste


Sure I believe the possibility is there and I hope we see something in the same tone as Contracts and even The ‘Run for your life’ segment of Absolution. The interesting thing about Hitman often lies in change of scenery and tone.


I see what you are saying and you are in your own way correct in thinking that but Contracts is not good dark it is blatant and not subtle.

I mean making everything overcast and rainy is basic and frankly amateur level. It bounces between a somewhat realistic dark with those old Hitman levels but the new levels are dark to an absurd degree.

Silent Assassin the bouncing between light and dark is frankly jarring to me it was like they couldn’t decide what route to take sometimes.

Colombia is the perfect means of showing the underground and the privelged at the same time. I mean after five games of hardcore criminals I didn’t mind chasing people who are less evil on a surface level. It is more realistic in HITMAN and HITMAN 2


Colombia would be awesome with some heavy rain.


i’d rather the beginning levels be more of a “brighter” tone, and have the levels get darker as the story progressively gets darker as well.


That is not a bad idea but the part of me that is getting a degree in writing is practically yelling that that is a passe and trite thing to do. You might as well have that North Sea level be in a storm to show how shit is getting serious.


I agree that Contracts is too dark for it’s own good, it isn’t subtle in anyway shape or form. However one also needs to remember that Contracts was pretty much created in less than 12 month and is more Hitman 2.5 then Hitman 3. It wasn’t really a planned sequel, but something they did in between SA and BM. It explains the more simple approach to tone and atmosphere.

I don’t want Contracts 2, but I do want a level that doesn’t shy away from being dark and being obvious about it. Right now I feel the series need to shake up it’s approach to tone from time to time. But this is just me, I love the darker and more grim levels of the series.