Hitman 2016 prototype & concepts, the game that never was


But it works well. And occasional fun things like Agent Smith become much more impactful.


Well it looks like HITMAN 2 is giving us a levels that are a giving us bad people but are in a realistic setting. I just hate the blatancy of those old Hitman games, I want to work for the darkness, I want that sense of dramatic realism that beneath our daily lives there are sinister forces going about their business. I want it to be meaningful and rewarding over blatant and unrealistic.


In the end it all comes down to how you see it and what you want from the series, I prefer a mix of both worlds. I don’t want to work for the darkness, when I want to experience and get a eerie feeling when stepping to a place. Just like when watching a horror movie/game one expects the horror atmosphere to be there. It would not really work very well if you had to dive deep into the movie/game to find it. I do think it’s healthy for the series to play around with levels and set them apart with atmosphere and tone.

I often find the overall tone of H16 to similar and it kinda dulls the a bit game.


Maybe working for it is not the analogy I wanted, I want subtly I want to poke and prode. I want to unravel threads and manipulate people and odds to kill the target. If we are using horror movies then an obvious horror movie for me is jump scares, scare chords and absurd gore. I want films like Halloween or The Shining where I get subtext and text.

Again agree to disagree I think there is a variety in each level tonally and location-wise. I think the overall tone of the old Hitman games is dull.

This will be the last post from me since we have derailed this thread enough.


This what a horror movie is to me, atmosphere is much more efficient tool for a unnerving experience, then a lazy jump scare. But what horror films have in common is that they don’t shy away from what they are, the tone and atmosphere is there.

Nah not really, we can’t really discuss concept art and so on without talking about other layers the experience. As long as it’s a healthy discussion that gives something to the thread, we should not shy away from it.


I think our biggest problem is comparing Hitman a stealth based video game to horror movies, it is apples and oranges, doomed to failure on a communicative level.

I agree I always try to be civil on this forum, it has been nice debating with you. I hope Colombia is dark for you and for me it has complex characters and designs, what I have seen so far there is a rich statement of drug economies to be found in this level.


Amazing :heart:

Love seeing all those concept arts, there were such great and beautiful ideas out there!!

It’s interesting to see how different it would’ve been if they kept the Absoluton Glacier engine :open_mouth:

Amazing and very realistic rendering of faces, but the colors and lightning…would’ve been a very different game i think.

Charlotte Rampling? :smile:

Anyway very interesting concepts out there!


why did you just repost all of the images from the thread :stuck_out_tongue:


Charlotte Rampling would have been a good Diana. Or possibly Joanna Lumley.


I wanted to quote ppl but you can’t just quote pics so… :sweat_smile:

Indeed :+1:


Agent 47 playing God of War

This concept is very similar to that E3 Cinematic Trailer for first season
Where 47 was running in snowy jungle


@Mads47 pointed that out, i could imagine some sort of hideout in the mountains and he had to deal with all kinds of foes.

I don’t know much about wolves but perhaps they resemble real life wolves from a specific location?


I saw his comment after I wrote my message

I really like the hideout idea with some wild animals
Maybe every time you want to go to your hideout
You’ll have to deal with them
But this is only work for a story driven game like Absolution
It would be pointless in HITMAN 2016


Could work for a hideout like level like the one from Contracts. You explore a bit, have your shack with all the guns stored for your personal enjoyment.


I think IO deliberately did that.47 is shot in beginning of Contracts.He’s shot during the night while it’s raining,that’s when he passes out.

My understanding is that all of his dreams are portrayed through the lense of that night when he got shot.
Lee Hong Assassination didn’t take place during the night,nor did Seafood Massacre/Massacre at Cheng Chau fish restaurant or Slaying the dragon/Kowloon triads in gang war but IO deliberately did that.
But also rain,darkness and slight fog are there to give levels a more “dreamy” feel,his memory is foggy,his dreams are distorted and warped.
I think atmosphere of Contracts is supposed to be exhausted and weary,I don’t see it as edgy like some people describe it.
Jesper Kyd’s OST plays a big role in giving those levels more life.


i mean, deliberately edgy doesn’t make it any less edgy. edgy isn’t a bad thing.


I see some members here using it with a negative connotation,but after checking dictionary it seems you’re right.


I don’t understand why IO is no longer doing night missions or missions with snow and rain? Their new engine can’t do that? or bad hack work?


Their new engine can do dynamic weather in Colombia
But can’t handle a raining?
I don’t think that’s a problem
I mean Black water park from Absolution had one of the best rain effects in games history
And it was on a older version of this engine
How is that new version is unable to do that?

If there’s no rain or snow in HITMAN 2, I’m gonna get mad at them
I also need Jesper Kyd for HITMAN 3


i want to believe this is satire