Hitman 2016 prototype & concepts, the game that never was


Sorry Cake but nine-out-of-ten times the person is not joking and they are being serious especially when talking about the old games.


There were two night missions in the last game (The Icon and A House Built on Sand) and two snow missions (Situs Inversus and Patient Zero)


True but but it still does not stop it from being an excuse for making everything oppressively grim.

As a student of the arts I can say there are some things I hate like using the weather to determine tone and using abrupt dream sequences as a stylistic break.

The only reason I don’t get angry at Contracts dream sequence story line is they have an excuse, it is a poor excuse (I mean superspy 47 is jumped in an alleyway by a rando) but it is there.

Well they never did that for me, there are plenty of unique and interesting things one can do to show a person is dreaming like ethereal whispering, changing or omitting/changing events and people, abstract imagery and having the levels dissolve or melt away upon completion (that last one is just as cliche but more effective).

It is raining here in Adelaide right now and there is nothing dream like about it, if IO were playing on the inherent symbolism of weather I would say it is awesome but they weren’t they were cashing out stylistically.

You are not wrong in thinking that the game might convey that. But there are better ways of showing this than putting a rain filter on your old levels. While it is true that rain can be used to convey weariness it is the fact that it is not a Raymond Chandler novel.

You will have no argument from me there, the most effective thing about Contracts is the soundtrack. Did more to sell the levels then the weather ever will. :grin:

Sorry for making you read all that, but here is a digi-cookie for doing so :cookie:


I would not label it as “47 getting jumped by randoms in an alleyway” at the start of Contracts. ‘Curtains Down’ from BM gives us an insight into moments before he get shot, plus the opening quote from Contracts confirms that it wasn’t random.

He knew me, actually recognized me and looked me in the eyes, and he expected me as if…that’s impossible…

The mission in BM ‘Curtains Down’ takes place just before the opening cinematic of Contracts and the end cinematic of that level leads directly into 47 getting shot. At this point we know why 47 leaves europe and travels to the US, the Franchise is killing it’s competition and they got to close to 47 in Paris.


Yes I am well aware of the connections between C and BM. That retcon of Contracts in Blood Money is still appalling

He was an investigator with the GIGN which means that he might have known 47 as a legend like Cayne and Dexter.

Also this is from the Curtains Down briefing
It’s a straightforward assignment, 47, but the Agency’s been having some problems in Paris. Use extreme caution
Why did he ignore this warning, 47 is supposed to be cautious and wary by nature it is what he is trained to do an it is all he knows and he is still gunned down by some Parisian investigator


Snow was just there
It wasn’t snowing

I can’t remember their name but we had awesome snowy missions in both Silent Assassin and Contracts
Where you felt that cold weather
When you were walking 1/4 of your foot was under snow

In Hokkaido you barely walk on snow
It’s not a snowy mission HITMAN deserves


I didn’t know that
It’s actually very cool
Makes me wonder rest of the missions before Curtains Down was before “Contracts” and the missions after Curtains Down are the actual sequel to Contracts? :thinking:
Man, There is so much that I don’t know about


i can assure you, it is.


The Gunman at the start of Contract wasn’t just a investigator with GIGN, if he ever was with the GIGN. One thing is certain, he’s connected to the Alpha Xerox / Franchise. The hole plot about BM is how the I.C.A is getting taken out, which is also why the Agency is going in a new direction in Absolution under Travis supervision…but that’s another talk all in it self.

But it’s no coincidence that I.C.A agents is getting killed all over the world at the same time as 47 get shot in Paris. It’s all connected to the Alpha Xerox / Franchise.

Because he wasn’t just a Parisian Investigator, also an Investigator wouldn’t use the same tactics as a gun for hire, stalking its prey and striking at the perfect opportunity. He might be an Investigator, but he’s connected to Cayne and the rival organization. Maybe not directly, but indirectly by a lager conspiracy.

The game does try to explain that the reason the Investigator is there is because the Inspector Albert Fournier is in league with Richard Delahunt and Alvaro D’Alvade. Richard is part of the Franchise, which connects the destruction of the I.C.A and 47 getting shot.

But someone getting the jump on 47 is just writing to move the plot a long, plus it isn’t the first time 47 is show to be “careless”.


That is what I am arguing for, that was sloppy writing and out of character, for 47. Not the possibility of 47 being gunned down, after all is is human and entitled to some mistakes, but how lazily written it was and how poorly it was handled. It wound up leading to a retcon that was also paltry and sloppily written

Also you can’t take what Cayne says at face value, he makes things up wholesale through out Blood Money.

What he did was not professional but it is stated in Contracts that he was corrupt and friends of D’Alvarde and Delahunt he helped them run a child prostitution ring. So sneaking up on a man and gunning him down instead of going through an official channel is in his character. He then follows protocol and sics a team of GIGN agents on him for insurance.


It is poorly written, but it isn’t what i’m arguing to begin with. I’m protesting your postulate that 47 got jumped by a random person. Which it never was or designed to be, as I already explained the Gunman was (if he’s dead, I imagine he is) connected to a larger Organization. Aka. The Franchise.

But Hitman have never been know for “good” writing to begin with, so I don’t concern myself with those aspects, but rather what is and isn’t.

As I said he might not be directly connected to the Alpha Xerox/Franchise, but Albert Fournier personal friend Richard Delahunt is part of the Franchise. That gives us a connection between the destruction of the I.C.A and someone getting too close to 47 in Paris. Which is all I wanted to point out :slight_smile:


True that if I had a dollar for every time some one on this forum has asked where is Birdie or whatever happened to Mr X then I would be a millionaire. I guess the retcon is not the worst retcon even and I am a DC fan so I know bad retcons. (ALso don’t get me started on Absolution)

I am happy that the writing for HITMAN has been consistent and somewhat good.


I would go so far and say that we have already or about to meet Mr. X aka Mystery Man in the newest installments. I do suspect him of being the Constant or at least connected to Providence. I took part of a user session at IO regarding H16, his presence in the game was strongly hinted towards. But ultimately like most concepts it could have been dropped or taken another form. I don’t think I can go deeper into it without breaching NDA territory.

I don’t think we have seen the last of him, IO definitely have him on their minds. He did popup in the pre-order bonus for Absolution.


I probably wont be able to find it but I think IOI said the Mystery Man from Sniper was NOT Mr. X. But I am not adverse to having Mr X be a Providence big wig since we do know of an Ort-Meyer/Providence connection certainly a better connection then between the Fournier and Alpha Xerox (which even you have to admit is a stupid name, makes em sound like a photocopier company)


That I would call a lie if they ever said such a thing, the guy in Sniper Challenge got the exact same suitcase and dresses similar to Mystery Man. Plus the Mystery Man name is a name that originated within the community.

It doesn’t really do anything for me, plus the Xerox is so vague as they come in terms of organizations within the Universe. We know that The Franchise is a sub/sister organization of the Alpha Xerox, I tend to believe that both are “smaller” departments/sister organization of Providence. Mr.X aka Mystery Man is what I consider a “criminal consultant” or go to guy within Providence, a guy with a lot of pull.

I see Providence in the same light as Spectre from the Bond Universe. Just like Quantum is a division of Spectre, so is the Alpha Xerox and Franchise of Providence. It kinda fits the overall theme of H16, thats closer to the Daniel Craig era of Bond then ever.


Something tells me that Alpha Xerox was a utilitarian thing IO whipped them up to drive the story of Blood Money.

I mean the Shadow Client’s Fox Mulder wall in Colorado shows nothing on Alpha Xerox and any relation they might have with providence and it is a pretty big thing to overlook if you want to take them out AND you are an Ort-Meyer project. Instead of a picture of either Franchise agents Albert Fournier and Richard Delahunt they went with the D’Avarde.


It is very possible that the Alpha Xerox might never be name dropped again and that the concept never really got of the ground or maybe later the concept evolved into the Providence. The name Alpha Xerox is only mentioned once through all of Blood Money and inside the mission briefing when reading about some of the targets.

But it’s ultimately just speculation and it’s fun. However I don’t count on IO to ever mention them again.


Well the did mention The Franchise in Club 27 but it was the name of a band, a fun reference but it kinda takes the wind out of some speculative sails. :grinning:


I do believe that we will hear more about the Franchise, maybe just a name drop. Just like Luke in the Last Jedi talks about Palpatine, that said I don’t think the Alpha Xerox is going to be mentioned again. Especially because most fans missed them ever being named in Blood Money to begin with. Sometimes I wonder why IO even “introduced” the Alpha Xerox, they make no difference to the story of Blood Money. Nothing ever came out of them and they haven’t been mentioned again.


47 looks more like he was based on a mix of Daniel Craig and Leonard Nimoy.
Style wise I liked where these prototype images were headed, but it also seemed to be more like they were heading into a kind of… dirty-spy-thriller 2000’s vibe (the Bourne Films, or Atomic Blonde) … rather than the daylight-spy-adventure 1990’s vibe (ala 007) we have in HITMAN.

I think I would have liked the 2000’s vibe design… just for what it is… But I also feel the final decision allowed for more range. Stuff like “the carpet vendor who won’t leave you alone” can be ironically comical in the day-glo 1990’s aesthetic, but can feel really macabre in the blue-green 2000’s spy aesthetic.