Hitman 2016 prototype & concepts, the game that never was


They can always bring them up again…

I mean… look at SPECTRE. hahaha.


This image makes me think to a mission where we are the target. We have to escape from a squad (maybe hired from Providence) that wants to kill 47. Like in the first Rambo movie when the protagonists hide himself in the wood and fights against cops. And like “Hunter and Hunted” and “Run for your life” like other people already said in this thread.

Regarding Alpha Zerox, I hope we will hear it again. In Bm we only defeated the Franchise, its assassins team. And from Contracts and BM we know that ICA had a mole but we never knew who it was. Maybe Providence could be linked to Alpha Zerox, that mole and with Mr X from Silent Assassin


Can’t that have been Soders as well?


No, Hokkaido made it clear that Soders turned sometime after Bangkok but before Colorado. Since he would have ratted out any of the previous three hits to Providence


What the hell? Never saw this. Can’t believe we almost got a darker Hitman.


There’s one more concept, render actually, with the name “HM PRO” featuring a sniper location, dated from 2013 and had SE and another company trademark. Can’t find the source though.


Really want too check out that internal trailer just see if it had that “darker” tone to it