Hitman 2016 Recent Popularity Jump

So the other day I was looking through the top paid in the Microsoft store and Hitman definitive edition was very close to the top, maybe 5 or 6 rows down. Hitman 2 was wayyyyyy lower.
I also noticed that Hitman definitive edition is on project x cloud but not Hitman 2.
What gives?


It was on games with gold which still counts to the statistics . It has also been extremely cheap.


This is called the “long tail”… People get on to old titles well after they are released.
Also because as @BernardoOne stated, HITMAN 2016 has become very cheap.

The fact there is an incentive tied between HITMAN 2016 and HITMAN 2 (“Legacy Pack”) may drive sales of HITMAN 2 further down the road.

The more titles you have out there for people to buy and as long as you made your initial investment back, the more healthy your long tail will be. :slight_smile:


What’s strange for me is I hated Hitman 2016 at first, mainly for this new formula with minimal missions and locations, even though I didn’t get it until ALL the episodes were out.

After playing Hitman 2 and all it’s story missions though, despite first liking the new locations better, it just feels like there’s less story missions with Hitman 2. I didn’t play the Haven Island DLC map much because it has such few story missions.

That is what mostly caused me to go back and play through Hitman 2016 again, and especially after experiencing it with the enhanced lighting, it just feels like a bigger game. I still prefer the old formula in Bloody Money and Absolution where we had more locations and tough sneaks though. These new ones you can play track star all day.

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Well, my own unwarranted speculation is that HITMAN 2 is something of a damage limitation exercise. More the result of budget spent after HITMAN 2016 but scaled down following a lot of the actual H2 budget being pulled and given to THE AVENGERS so much so that Square Enix had to give up HITMAN and IOI’s independence (even as the small print everywhere indicates Square Enix retains some minor connection to IOI and HITMAN even as WB is the new flagbearer).

I am actually impressed overall by what came out given that perspective.

But HITMAN 2016 definitely was more polished out of the gate, though the Mission Story system became deeper in HITMAN 2 as demonsrated in the Bank (“What do you do with the evidence?”) And in Haven where you can also do multiple things with the Flash Drive.

The Mission Stories now actually border on RPG fetch quests and it will be interesting how this system evolves going forward. For example, imagine if IOI raise the tier of the Mission Story structure so that now it runs across missions and you can get different gear and missions in a branching campaign like in DETROIT. This is actually possible because IOI have begun adding code where objectives are flipped or change on the fly (Orson’s Nightmare).


This kind of thing I know interests some, but again, I don’t like feeling like my only replay value is having to juice more nuance out of what essentially are still the same exact objectives in the same exact locations. To me it’s a lazy way of providing content, and starts feeling so monotonous it’s as if you’re stuck in a causality loop trying to escape it by slightly changing the way you do the exact same mission.

I’ll always prefer the much longer campaigns with 3 times the missions and locations that Bloody Money and Absolution had. They also had an acceptable amount of variety in how you could do the missions. I’d prefer they’d slightly modified the Absolution formula with Enforcers instead of all NPCs in same attire recognizing you, vs these micro size campaigns.

Some might argue however that Absolution gave you more options in avoiding detection via the hat tipping meter. In the new games whenever I see Enforcers I feel I have to change my route to be safe, which makes it more linear. I mean let’s face it, the implementation of Enforcers is very contrived.

Last night I was attempting to do Bugman and On the House in Bangkok. I repeatedly ran into trouble at the point of acquiring the house staff disguise after Bugman because the alarm would go off by the time I got down to attempting to knock out and hide the house staff guy and one other in the locker room. At that point they’d panic and run into the next room full of staff when the alarm went off.

So I tried On the House first. It all goes well until you’re ready to acquire the exterminator disguise, because instead of the hotel manager being in the atrium, she’s patrolling as an enforcer in the area where the exterminator is, making it damn hard to acquire his disguise. This makes it clear they are punishing you for attempting to do 2 story missions back to back that take place in the same general area. They actually rescript key NPCs to harass you.

I don’t know why so many praise this new formula, especially when the common reason is more variety. There are just as many things in this new formula if not more that force you into doing things a certain way because of the enforcers. The amount of variety in disguises and kill methods is somewhat negated by being forced to constantly take evasive action to avoid being seen.

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But in Absolution this is the only real option you have. Everything else is a copy of Gears of War.

After this, HITMAN 2016 was always going to earn heaps of praise.

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Hat tipping the only option, how so? You still had multiple routes or disguises to use if the hat tip meter was low or if you preferred not using that method. There were also huge crowds to hide in at places like the train depot outside the police station.

And as well, despite the claim Absolution was primarily a stealth based game, you had good vs ill fated options to use weapons, like the sniper rifle at the construction site. The design of Absolution wasn’t the mess people made it out to be. It was far better than these latest see how many ways you can kill demos.

Absolution was basically Splinter Cell Conviction but with less verticality and with disguises.

It was also very easy to tank damage and massacre whole levels due to hard checkpoint saves. If you got past a certain door you didn’t have to answer for carnage caused in an earlier section.

“Multiple routes” is also a misnomer when applied to HITMAN ABSOLUTION, in the Layla Stockton mission for example you must always use the lift. There is also a mission where 47 will always be caught in a vent no matter what you do. These are travesties of sandbox mission design, and thus many consider Absolution’s “design” as lacking especially compared to HITMAN 2016.

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I was referring more to stalking route options than area access points, and you only mentioned one anyway. I know Abs had flaws, I just don’t think a game that plays like a ways to kill demo is any better, and actually gets boring quicker for some of us due to same old locations and objectives over and over. Abs got thrown under the bus way too much.

On this we can agree… .it deserved only one trip under the bus. :stuck_out_tongue:
I’d probably be able to play it to the end now that I can accept its existence.

Also if it was a Switch port I’d be double happy because HITMAN and HITMAN 2 do not exist on the system and an Absolution port would be the only Hitman show in that town.

“Ways to Kill Demo” - I think there are ways forward with this… but it would require stacking more and more and more simulations. For example… fluid sims for petrol, water, oil… simulations for geometric destruction… and so on…Beam NG levels of solid surface simulation… true ballistics…more and more simulations such that you could really go to town with how to arrange elaborate kills.

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Seems you’re glossing over that I used it as an example of feigned content.

The more people request stuff like this just makes it all the more obvious many don’t care about the story, and would just rather horse around. There’s games that survive on mostly horsing around opportunities, like GTA, but I always thought Hitman was a step above that kind of crap, until this new style came along.

Just so we can calibrate. When did you start playing Hitman? From the very first game?

Personally, I started from CODENAME 47. And when I think of “Campaign Content + Story” stealth games I think SPLINTER CELL (which I adore) and seeing as a I literally compared ABSOLUTION to SPLINTER CELL that’s kind of where I boxed ABSOLUTION.

But Hitman to me was always something else. It was a collection of maps to play around in and do “tricks and things”. So it had more in common with games like Tony Hawk, or puzzle games, even a little bit of open world games but all in the context of a bald 007 type.

What brought ABSOLUTION down for me was basically as “that kind of Campaign Story, Structured Stealth game” it was inferior to SPLINTER CELL CONVICTION. The maps in that game did not have hard separations, Sam Fisher had way more agility, and in addition to hide-in-shadows, he could basically work a level like some kind of militarized Spider-Man and use speed over stealth to trap-and-kill while still not alerting the level.

You could start in a shadowed area… crouch sprint… clamber up a low wall… grab an over head pipe… jump down to eliminate a guard… tumble back into another shadowed area in one fluid motion. SC: CONVICTION (which was out at the time of ABSOLUTION) was just on a different level.

ABSOLUTION just fell far short for me in that class because there were no thrills to balance the slow chill of sneaking - and then to top it off all the forced outcomes that felt like your efforts were useless because they either took away something you would have earned (Targets are not killed by you, but are instead killed in a cinematic) or you feel like you failed at something like the vents thing.

Just saying we may be coming from different places.

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Actually you’re going way off topic bringing SC into this. I thought it was about comparing new Hitman to older Hitman, and yeah, I’ve played all of them. The ones that leave me feeling like I’m on a treadmill to nowhere are these new ones.

Most people feel a good story is necessary for immersion. These games lack substance.

Well like I said, we are coming from different places…

Because to me, Hitman Contracts, HITMAN: BLOOD MONEY, HITMAN 2016, and HITMAN 2 … the last two being so-called “new” Hitman games are “real Hitman games of substance” - substance being these simulations, systems, maps.

HITMAN ABSOLUTION, to me and probably to those that didn’t like it, is “poor man’s Splinter Cell imitation” and basically “lost the substance of Hitman”.

Even then though I can recognize the systems in ABSOLUTION that did make it into H2016 and H2. So cognitively I know ABSOLUTION wasn’t junk.

It just didn’t feel right for me at the time.

Immersion varies. Story? yes… but to me Hitman has been a bit of a different kind of immersion. It’s “immersion by doing”. HITMAN 2 is the kind of title I wouldn’t mind re-experiencing in VR partially to walk around Sapienza and take in the sights, the music (especially in Landslide).

It’s that kind of immersion. It’s like a brief trip to Westworld.

But it’s clear we are from different positions. If IOI put up 6 new maps without any story as a New Maps Pack for 10 USD… I’d be over the moon while you would be reaching for a hatchet.


I’ll stop reading right there because obviously you are in denial of the latest games having such a drastically different style of few locations and objectives being an attempt to bring in a new formula which merely uses variety in nuances to claim extra content. It’s no more than a ways to kill demo than a fleshed out story with any length or substance. It’s ridiculous they even call these nuances “Story Missions” because they are in fact the very same missions, just done with different disguises and kill methods.

I find it laughable you say these new games are the real games of substance, because they literally abandon any real story substance for slight changes in same missions. Not to mention the fact that these new games don’t really have challenging sneaks. You can literally do most missions in well under 10 min, running like a track star most of the way. They aren’t made for serious Hitman fans, just casuals that like to play dress up the easy way.

Most devs have gone to a formula that caters more to impatient console kids that want easy gameplay. I really don’t think this conversation is going anywhere, as you seem intent on ignoring the obvious.

Lol. Soup, don’t even bother. It’s clear that story comes first and gameplay after :joy:


First off, that’s an assumption, and common with casuals that think their opinion is the only one that matters. Second, I clearly pointed out issues about the gameplay that are very repetitive and glossed over. I pointed out flaws in gameplay that disguise content with repetition, and missions that are mostly easy to do as speed runs, vs being legitimately challenging.

I get that you’re enthralled with the idea of accessing the same missions via different NPCs to acquire a different disguise, or simply pick up a different weapon or use a different enviro accidental kill, as if that somehow makes it an all new mission, but some of us see it only makes the game more monotonous.

It’s not that I said nothing about gameplay, it’s that you guys that are easy prey for these different ways to disguise and kill demos are obtuse to the repletion and lack of challenge involved.

Right…I find that funny because you wrote

Clearly you’re the only one who’s opinon should only matter, and us “casuals” aren’t serious Hitman fans we play those games.

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im such a filthy casual

i don’t have 2016 and Hitman 2 because I for one enjoy my Laptop to be in good health.

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