Hitman (2016)│Road To 100%!


Hey everyone,
Just wanted to plug my new YouTube Series “Road To 100%”, where I try to finish every challenge, escalation and unlock from the game that I have never bothered to get.
I’m not starting from scratch, this is all on my main account and is just checking off accomplishments on the list of things to do.
Check out the 1st episode here:


Mine would be just a long list of shitty escalations I didn’t bother to finish lol


I have a lot of escalations to get through, a few challenges on normal mode, and 2 whole missions on Pro mode.
So it’s not much, but if new stuff gets added in future updates it gives me a space to make videos on my inevitable fuck-ups.


Has anyone ever done a speedrun/marathon to go from 0 to 100%?


Lol. Imagine doing all the escalations AND Pro Mode in one sitting. nothx. The closest I think would be Kotti’s mastery 20 speedruns.


Doing all mastery pro mode in one sitting would be a killer. Though hopefully the rumoured “story mode” in the update this month will make doing all mission speed runs faster and more efficient


Second episode up

While this series is about getting all challenges etc etc, I’m also working a lot on my editing. While my videos are characterised by having loads of cuts and little “fat” on them, I also want to use this series as a way of experimenting with alternate ways of editing and making videos. But for now, what you guys think of this episode, editorially and content wise?
Also, this is my first video in 1080p. Just sayin’


Haven’t updated this topic in a while. I’m still doing this series, this is the latest vid I just uploaded


It’s been a while, but the next episode is now up! Doing some Challenge Packs