Hitman 2016 Save failed

Hello there. Hitman is free on Epic Games and i decided to give it a shot, but when i enter the game appears a message saying: “Save failed. Failed to save the game. Would you like to retry?”. The options to answer that question are yes or no. Yes makes the message appears again after trying to save te game. No makes the message appears when i click on something on the game. Verified the game files but it still doesnt work. Cant run with admnistrator because epic games launcher doesnt allow.
Can anyone help? Thank you in advance

Edit 1: I have the recommended requirements.

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Seems it’s game’s issue and been reported couple of times already.
I hope developers already know about it and will fix it in the nearest future.

But still, I’ll tag @Travis_IOI one more time just in case

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Having the same problem here, looks like a bunch of players at reddit too https://www.reddit.com/r/HiTMAN/comments/ihpr41/save_failed_on_epic_gamess_free_hitman/?sort=new

I am having the same problem, the game will not work. I have tried verifying it, uninstalling, and re downloading, but still the same problem.