Hitman 2016 Speedruns


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World of Tomorrow SA/SO by Silverballer (3:35)
Shotgun Challenge w/ zero KO's SO SA 6:13
4:40 SA SO No KO | Fire Axe & Circumcision Knife
I just managed to beat Hokkaido Pro Silent Ninja and Sniper Assassin in 1 run with no loaout
HITMAN Sapienza SA/SO (3:59)
Sapienza the Gladwyn Simulacrum escalation level 5
World's No.3! Hitman Escalation - The Wetzel Determination Lvl. 5
HITMAN Sapienza SA/SO (3:59)
I Wasn't Expecting That.. (WR SA First Try)
Introduce Yourself

Wow, okay.

As much as I know this is just the beta, and I also know that the final game will have more difficulty settings and all, I really hope they still make it a little bit harder in the final version to kill the targets. At least on higher difficulties.

I understand the old games had speedruns too, and I understand there is some trial&error involved in those and you really have to follow a certain pattern to the t. But in the end I hope it’s harder to kill the targets.

Especially stunts like in the first video, where you are clearly trespassing in a military compound and people can see you, the police and military at least should recognize you and detect you faster, and start being alerted / eventually shoot if you have no disguise instead of just “investigating”. Also, maybe add a few more NPCs/enemies to the mission so it gets harder to just run past them. The sound detection could also use some small tweaking. Also, too many distractions (from throwing stuff or spotting a suspicious person) in one and the same place in a short period of time should also raise an alarm.

Once that is (hopefully) done and at least on higher difficulties makes it harder, I will be content. I like speedruns and I can see that there will always be a way to exploit the A.I. and the game systems to make the game easier and allow you to get faster through the level. I know the old Hitman games had similar exploits and I also know that I will probably rarely make speed-runs due to it killing the immersion for me, and I really like the immersion in my Hitman Professional Assassin fantasy. But I hope some minor things (like those mentioned above) will be changed/tweaked so it actually is harder in the end. Again, I know it’s just tutorial missions, but still.


I would be hesitant to call the first one a Silent Assassin given that you leave the body of the target and the pacified guard out in plain sight but it’s a nice run nevertheless.

Here are my best attempts on the beta:


I love that we can still do this nice little trick


That’s the equivalent of tapping someone on one shoulder and waiting for them to turn around to the other. Don’t tell me it doesn’t work! :smile:


I hope so, then I will record new videos on highest difficult. I just test game mechanics, and learn map.

All games had different SA rules. In BM maybe it won’t be Silent Assassin rank - this game was most
restrictive. In Hitman 2/Contracts and Abso I for sure will have highest rank.


Sure, but in this new installment of Hitman, the game you did the video for, you need to hide all bodies in order to get the Silent Assassin ranking, at least according to the in-game challenge card.


Ok, but this is only challenge, we don’t know how rank system works (IO still can change many things).
Anyway I also taped accident record - 2 min (I think in accident we don’t have to hide bodies).
Also I saw videos from many pros (for example HitGod47) they played like me, with old series rules, so I decided beat their scores. (Is reason why I write world record).
You give me idea for next video, I record garotte and SA record!


All of these are done Suit Only, No Knockouts and following Silent Assassin-ish rules.

Yacht, bomb

Final test, fiber wire, front entrance

Yacht, rifle

Yacht, pistol, helicopter escape

Final test, accident


Lol, You never heard about speedruns? Their base is to know how opponents behavior in every situation.
There was always a part of the series. You don’t know how much work requires.
(This is hard perform everything perfectly in time.)
Moreover, you never played contracts in Aboslution? Most important thing of this mode is fatest possible execution of the order.


wha…? hitman is all about planning perfect excution. check npcs circulation, timing
this is the way how hitman is meant to be played


You don’t understand! First I played normally like true Original Assassin.
When I finished all levels, I joined to competition.

If you believe that HITMAN isn’t competition game, so why IO create Contracts mode?

No comment.


Are you a troll?

I mean in all seriousness, I understand the argument of improvising being the best way to play a Hitman game, I agree.

But speedruns exist a long time now, and they have become an entertaining hobby for some people. Beat the time. Beat the system. You know. I acknowledge and respect them, even though I do not see it as the ideal way to play a Hitman game.


He is not arrogant. He never said he did this first try or anything. It’s a pastime for him, a fun thing to do. Testing out the boundaries of the game, the limits of the systems, exploiting weak-points and loopholes. And it actually helps development a lot of if ask me.

For example, based on what he did I can clearly see that the game (based on the tutorial missions) needs a lot of work in A.I. routines, difficulty and ability to reach targets. Plus it probably needs a lot of additional tweaking back and forth in it’s mechanics.

Of course this could just be due to the beta only having 1 difficulty setting and missing various elements that the launch version will have and also due to both missions being tutorials. But if this is what it basically will be, we give our feedback on the beta. And based on that developers can decide what to do. Like if I criticize something and the devs actually changed it anyway in the final launch version of the game they have nothing to worry about, since they covered that. But if I bring up a point that they did NOT change in the final launch version then the feedback will help them to correct flaws and tweak settings.

(That being said, I really hope there is a way for us to modify detection times, number of “enforcers” and tweak the general systems on our own a little bit. Maybe Xcom 2 kind of spoiled me, but you wouldn’t believe how helpful it is to correct the mistakes on your own as a temporary solution while waiting for the official fix on the developers side (also takes a little bit time pressure away from the devs if you have some mods that can give you a temporary solution)).

Like I said, I hope it’s gonna be harder in the final game. Not the same way Absolution was mind you, because Absolution was really more of a “unrealistically hard” and “artificially hard”. I hope they go towards a “plausible but hard” in the final version and make it easier/harder based on difficulty. I don’t mind the missions being like the beta on easy difficulty, but on normal, hard and brutal they should be harder.


That’s absolute right.


I have no clue what your issue is.


Expert- aren’t you the one who started the infamous “Jack Please” thread ? :kissing:


I dont understand what is problem (and your logic)
This is TRUE purpose of gaming community
Sharing experence, developing various ways to complete the level kinda shit
Not complaining and concern


Hello, first time poster, long time Hitman fan!

Here are some of my play-throughs on the PS4 beta:

Accident kill, suit only, no knockouts:

Drowning his sorrows, suit only, no knockouts:

And death by proxy, suit only, no knockouts (this one is less of a speed-run):

I enjoy playing the games like this, but I of course really appreciate a good improvised, immersive play-through. I am really looking forward to the live hits!

@640509_0401_47 Really impressed by your garrote play-through!


Really nice runs.

Today I upload faster accident technique (very similar to your time) but easier to perform.

I thought that I’m only one will have stupid idea to record toilets drowing :grinning:


One thing that you have to remember is that it isn’t just a beta, it’s also a tutorial. Tutorials are always pathetically easy, “Death of a Showman” anyone? Or even the SA tutorial in which there are no enemies. As far as tutorials go, this is certainly the best one that’s ever been in a hitman game.