Hitman 2016 Speedruns


Freeform Training SA/SO with Pistol in 0:32


The Holmwood Distarbance (Lvl 5) SA 2:22 - The Vampre Magician Escalation


Why does the targets guard say ‘he’s dead, christ almighty’ right after you shoot him?


It’s a silly thing in regards on how target lockdown works. If you kill a target when he’s on a lockdown, the guards will often automatically have voice lines recognising he’s dead. However, this doesn’t actually mean they have actually seen the kill or discovered the body or have noticed anything at all, it’s just a canned voice line. I suspect it’s this way because IOI doesn’t expect people to be able to pull off non-accidental kills in targets currently in lockdown, and Ritter is the only target that is actually alone when in lockdown. All other lockdowns usually have it so the guards are in full view of the target.

As an example, here’s a fiberwire kill I pulled off in Landslide. I manipulate the AI and also have some great luck and manage to kill the target silently without being spotted. The guards have their canned “Abiatti is down” lines but I’m never noticed and the body is never found and I get Silent Assassin.


Just completed a Season 1 Speed Run at 32:44. Rules I set myself though were that I had to complete every episode (not the training levels) with SA and Level 1 load out (ICA19 pistol, fibre wire and ordinary coins - bar Hokkaido with which you start with nothing) and default starting location. I’m bummed because the rating system bugged out when I completed Colorado after many attempts… completed the level with what should have been SA rating - but the rating system stalled and claimed I had killed a non-target npc with their body found. I re-watched my run and that definitely was not the case. Anyhow, I wasn’t prepared to re-play it continuously in the event that I would succeed again and the rating system would rate it accurately. Video dropping tomorrow.


Skip to 1:10 if you want to get straight into it.


Apparently file manipulation lets you beat hitman 2 in under 4 minutes.


New Main Mission Rekky!!!

This time is Bangkok.


hey guys just want to share my runs. Marrakesh is my newest … currently working on Bankhok hope so somebody will find out helpfull :slight_smile: Enjoy :slightly_smiling_face:


SA/SO/Fiber wire route


Hokkaido - Silent Ninja/Pro Mode in 2 minutes


Full Game in 9:03


sorry but its two minutes and 3 el seconds Kappa


What do you mean, el mendie?


I think I have found a kill spot for Silvio in the town hall. it can be useful to kill him without entering in the mansion.

if this spot is already well known, let me know, I’ll edit my post.


Great find!!! 20202020


great find. You can kill franny from the lawyer’s office as well from this window.

Just shoot her guards when she goes inside the room which I did here


high level distraction.


you forgot to write /sarcasm :rofl:


This one is slightly better