Hitman 2016 Speedruns


could even lure franny downstairs and kill her with a pistol


but why lure her downstairs when you can kill her upstairs?




how is it fast? you’ve to go inside the mansion for pistol kill.

edit - are you talking about WoT SA/SO? cuz I was talking about only killing franny.


something like this.

if she get down from left side,possible to kill her with pistol.and easy to get sub 1.
(i’m not sure)


sick lure. I found another spot but I’m getting unlucky with the target lockdown. Could be SA/SO rekky if it works.


thanks,you remind me of the sapi sa so rekky.


New Main Mission Rekky


Sapienza SA/SO without phone trick


Hitman 2 Murder at the Bazaar WR/PB improved by 1 second.


This should be a world record for now.


The Final Test SA/SO/Fiber Wire (1:12)


HITMAN - Security Crash - (3:14)


I haven’t gotten around to playing much of the Patient Zero campaign, so after going for the kill opportunities I missed my first time around in The Source (trying to do the slam dunk challenge proved harder than it should have been. I kept making Sister Yulduz overshoot the canopy and the entire hotel lol) , I came up with these two speedruns.

Here’s my first speedrun, I immediately saw the opportunity once the targets met there:

Here’s my second, vastly improved speedrun using a completely different technique. After learning more about the target routes, I noticed that these two opportunities lined up nicely. There’s definitely a faster way to do it and I’m still working through each kill, so I might give the mission another try, but I was very pleased with my final results from this session anyway:


I also wanted to share this speedrun of a short-but-sweet contract I forgot to post a week back or so. It’s called “Highschool PayBack” by Dragon Saint 64 (Xbox One), contract ID 3-01-2519743-34.


Been wanting to fiber wire Dalia in the attic for months, but haven’t gotten to play since January.
Finally got to make a video!


I knew you were up to something when I saw “Alex Niedt is playing HITMAN” can’t wait to see the run :slight_smile:


@AlexNiedt I forgot one thing in that video that sometimes you’ve to wait for 2.5s even after an accident kill. That happens when second last kill is noticed.

  1. You can’t do legshot accident when second last kill is noticed.

  2. You can do normal accident but you’ve to wait for 2.5s (which I did in 3).

  3. ^

  4. When second last kill is unnoticed then everything is back to normal.

@GuLe had a problem with this in one his runs so I’m tagging him as well hueheue


Speedrun using pistol shots through windows. Couple of neat AI tricks inside.


Divide & Conquer - (0:50) - ID: 1-09-3172987-28


Tastes Like Chicken - (1:36) ID: 1-08-4785057-37