Hitman 2016 Speedruns


The Lyndon Gyration Level 1 - 0:29
Found out you can wallbang through the windows in Sapienza :smiley:


Colorado poison 2:40


Wanted to shoot Dalia in the auction room and leave her body in there, so that’s what I did…


You badass, muthaffff…


old escalation


My holy grail run, shooting Viktor on the front entrance stairs, SA/SO. Don’t know how I could top this one. So, so happy this worked.


Now do SA shot while he’s on stage :stuck_out_tongue:


old featured contract - carakdfkd coaonfodf


I’d try something weird like that if the set-up wasn’t so lengthy. :yum:


there’s one neat little trick to make him go there way earlier :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s what I thought heuheuheuh, had to wait 2,5 after killing Dalia with the Gas Heater, this confirms it.


I also tried to trick the 2.5s wait after non-accident kill by doing a non-accident kill close to the exit quickly followed by an accident kill and then exiting immediately but it didn’t work hueheue


This contract’s title is almost as good as congressman’s comadskfjasldkfjlaskdjflaskdjflaksjdflkasjfdlksjdf



Hitman 2: At the Gates WR


@C2H6O @fkgfw

Saw your discussion about Franny and got a sick idea for her, with a trick that I’ve found some time ago but was never able to put to use, now it was useful!

“Finally found a use for this trick! if you drop the Striker before the bullet hits, it will NOT knock down the npc, this means you can do bodyshot lures without Silverballer.”


This is best I could do from def. start huehue. Have to wait a little to avoid target lockdown.


A small trick to get past enforcers in tight spaces. Dropping something disables their detection meter for few seconds but don’t go too close otherwise you’ll be spotted immediately.
Did this on Pro cuz you can get past this guy easily in normal mode without this trick hueuehe


You can advance NPC cycles by destroying the glass/bottle they drink from. No glass no drink. Doesn’t work on all NPCs though.



Decided to play around with Blood Money tonight and stumbled upon a quick and easy Silverballer strat that probably isn’t original at all, but it’s fun.