Hitman 2016 Speedruns


featured contract - yoomi chuchi cheen


Paris - Double Electrocution


Hitman 2 Murder at the Bazaar PRO/SA/SO done in 30 seconds. Probably one of the best runs I’ve done in the game + the best improvement I’ve done in a PB/WR as well. (Other level being shogun showdown.)


Hokkaido - Pro/SA/SO/No Loadout



Trending contract - Late at Work - SA - 0:59


Grinded 10-12 hours for 1 second WR


Can you explain wtf happened there on the kill? I have no idea what you did as I don’t really know that game that well. But I’ll give you a like for that dedication in getting that 1sec.


The level requires you to kill 17 and go close to his body which lets you finish the level. The previous WR (which is killing 17 close to the entrance) the runner fiber wired him and just ran away. I found out a NG+ route which sedating him and shooting him kills him instantly with one shot and running away in the nick of time. (shooting him with a headshot and shooting more than 1 time loses the SA rating.)

This route was really hard to pull off because timing had to be prefect. (Sedating 17 had to be done at 1:56 in game time and etc.) That’s why it took almost half a day in total of grinding.


Dumping Viktor’s body at the front entrance, SA/SO in 2:07. Didn’t think this would work, but whoohoo! :astonished:




Silvio and Francesca in the garden shredder, SA in 5:06


ICA space program, possible


If anyone can make this route happen with the ICA space program, please do! I want to see it.


you said…ICA Space Program? pog


Tribute to @mendietinha and his amazing accident finds. Everyone who hasn’t watched his Blood Money videos needs to do so.


what a legend! you are very kind my friend <3


Wasn’t feeling my poison run, so I removed it and replaced it with this, which I like better. The game froze when it hit the first rating screen, so you can see from the stats that it’s SA, but you never get to see the actual rating and time screen. It said 3:00 on Statman when I exited, so I tested exiting at that time, and that means the final time would have said 3:04. Not that anyone cares. :rofl:


Trending Contract