Hitman 2016 Speedruns


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@JohnnyAxXx Hallway of death. What a nice place to be! I like playing Marrakesh and going to the Market of Sorrow. (That’s what I call it). Grab my Fusil G2. And fire into a crowd of civilians. It’s wrong but, Try it sometime.


bangkok w/ sniper


@C2H6O Can u try sapienza next? I just did both that and Bangkok silent sniper, but 7 mins each. I’m keen to see a better solution now, this is great.


I’ve found a strat from ruins, now I’m trying from other places.


Sapienza w/ Sniper from ruins pogchamp


Here’s my Marrakesh SA/SO by Sniper, from West Bazaar rooftops. Highly appropriate time of 4.20s.

@C2H6O fantastic! I do have a question/ challenge for you however. One of my self imposed rules was no injuries. Do you think you could still make it look so effortless with this ruling in place??


Shout out to @Bending_Cheese67 on this one, I watched his 1.43s strategy and noticed this opportunity may be possible. It was. Silent Ninja 1.22s


You mean no ko? if yes then the lab guard ko can be avoided. Just distract him with a bullet.


Sorry I should have explained better. I mean any injuries. My rule was stretched to include needles, aswell as non lethal wounds/ KO.s. I managed to find ways to ‘break’ the VIP AI without causing harm to any individual in the map, although like i said the runs were 7 mins each. (Your jordan kill should make bangkok more like 5 mins tbh)

EG your Jordan kill. Thats fine, guards were alerted but nobody was hurt. Ken however, you shot a gardener… what did he do to you to deserve that lol


I don’t like too many restrictions. In fact I don’t even put SO restriction. It just happened that suit starts were faster for the two runs I posted above.


That’s fair enough. In that case I am going to share my solution here if you wish to see it.


Good one, I like the long range kills. That’s the only restriction I put in sniper runs.


In all honestly, it started with marrakesh. I did SSA when i was a noob. I ko’d the whole underground section, and point blanked them both. Cheap AF. I finally progressed to where I could come up with the run I posted above, and when I realised it was without injury, thats what prompted me to try the other maps with the same ruleset. TBH i don’t have a clue how to tackle Colorado yet but it has been one of the most rewarding challenges I personally have faced in this game. Thanks for watching :smiley:


Sapienza SO Fiber Wire


This was the new episode of Game of Throws without any doubt.


The Marsden Isotopy - Escalation - Level 5 - (1:10) SA


Showstopper (+ 3 more VIP’s) SA/ SO Fibrewire w/ All Restrictions


I did a Hitman full game SA/NG+ speedrun, including Patient Zero Campaign and Bonus Missions.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vCytF0r7bYw


With the latest Hitman 2 news, its going to be interesting to see the new speedruns/routes that come about for the Season 1 missions! QQ, is there going to be some sort of distinction between the old vs new? Or should we even bother?