Hitman 2016 Speedruns


Freedom Fighters (2:26) SA/Suit Only by FortheSeven



Awesome run thanks for posting his runs, anyone know why I cant watch videos full screen on my laptop on here?


The forum glithcs for me as well when I try to go fullscreen on a video.


Keep trying to replicate his run but when i go into the house there are guards everywhere…


Freedom Fighters SA 1:52 (By FortheSeven)



He has skills i’m terrible at timing everything just ends in a million loads or restarts.


That’s how he does that too :stuck_out_tongue:


my run. idea from @fortheseven. i had a small duckie contribution and suggestd another starting location, the wrong one huehuehue, so…


Hey guys here’s a video from our friend fortheseven



And another from fortheseven




47 seconds… Hehhh. Nice.


You forgot to add




Hitman2016 Episode5 Colorado SA/SO 2:25

well,this is my run.


Truly amazing! Those extra poisons come really handy.


The Mallory Misfortune Lv.5 SA (3:16)



Hitman2016 Episode5 Colorado SA/SO 2:15

Just improved my run for 10 sec.The 1st floor npc’s behavior after explosion is random,had to reload many times to achieve this score.


I don’t know where to shoot the car to get it to leak…I really should know this by now haha I tried copying you but it never leaks very annoying.


What does the breaching charge that he throws first do? and is the duck just thrown as a distraction?


I watched his video and I was just like yeah that’s cool but no idea what each step was doing if someone could explain it that would be awesome thanks.

Ok so the duck is to distract so he can drop the breaching charge and the FE which then drops the chandelier I get that and he shoots near the guards so they move away from the helicopter got that but what does the breaching charge at the start do haha??


It’s taking advantage of the broken distraction system. The bodyguard standing next to the gas heater hears it and comes down to investigate. Otherwise when he blows it up to kill Dalia you’d get a non-target kill.