Hitman 2016 Speedruns











Has anyone tried killing someone with a launched object say like a crowbar or some such?

I remember when bodies were dragged in the beta, and they would be flung around, eventually being killed possibly due to the inertia.





Everyone complaining about how restrictive this mode is… And the speedrunners are killing it as expected. I knew this would happen but it’s still amazing to watch. Someone should write a dissertation on you guys. Holy fuck.


Btw… What happened to @AlexNiedt?


Still here. Moved to Hollywood and haven’t been able to play enough to have any reason to post anything. Just enjoying everyone else’s videos now. :slight_smile:


Thanks my friend. But just because we can still do it relatively fast doesn’t mean our complaints weren’t valid :frowning:


He wanted to give the rest of us mortals a fair chance. We were getting destroyed by @AlexNiedt when he was still active.


Most of the people complaining about how restrictive it is just wanted a working game. We don’t care about about how hard or easy the mode is, we would rather it didn’t exist at all, and for the dev time to be put into fixing the game. But if it’s here to stay then it may as well be destroyed.


Here’s my SA/SO/No Loadout run of Landslide, if I reach 5 likes in the video, I’ll do Paris PRO/SA/SO/Shotgun run :wink:


Talking about destruction: