Hitman 2016 Speedruns


Wow. I’ve never seen dance with the devil level before. I stopped playing the game a few levels before that one. But That map would be so cool if it had the current h6 mechanics and SA rating system.

That was a really cool map.


I recommend finishing it :wink:


I was thinking about that lately. I did buy it on 360 for $1.99 on sale a few months ago. I’ll try again soon.


HITMAN . The Controller - SA by Sauna:





Smoking Kills 1:09 SA


goons with napoleon trick


HITMAN Cleaning Job at Field Lab Entrance 1:01 SA


@AlexNiedt I see your chandelier run and i raise you mine!
Done in 1:27


@mendietinha calls your 1:27 double chandelier and raises you 1:06, PRO and unsilenced gun double chandelier.


But great idea with the big one. It’s cool seeing how people get new ideas and new strats/routes with new gear.


Haha, yeah, that’s a good route, but the point of the run you responded to wasn’t speed at all, but the ridiculously cool first kill CJ came up with. And yeah, SA/SO with chandeliers from the auction can be faster. I think I have an SA/SO with chandeliers from the front entrance in 1:38 or something, and CJ improved on that.


I have another chandelier strat, I’ll upload it if it’s faster than yours


HITMAN Skill Level Test 2:30 SA/SO (fkgfw´s Contract)



HITMAN Dog Day´s SA/SO 1:19



This can be done faster with a FE but I decided to go for style points ;):



@ BernardoOne appreciate that :sunglasses: