Hitman 2016 Speedruns


HITMAN Eye´s of IAGO SA 2:18 (rekt Version)

HITMAN The Last Walsh SA 47 sec


That one got reky by my 1:17 run :stuck_out_tongue:
Great run of Eyes of IAGO btw, i’ll try rekky that later.


i know you will beat that time :sunglasses:


Here ya go, rektttttt, in 2:08






Featured Contract - Mirror Mirror SA rekky:


The Third Base SA/SO 44s (@JDMHatch_G’s contract):


get rekt m8


I’ll let u be number 1, I guess u deserved it, how did u did it btw??


If you concede then I refuse to show my cards :unamused:


I really wanna know how u did it :smiley: Was it a different strat?? :wink:


No, I did pretty much the same thing as you. Nice job, glad you enjoyed the contract.


still love the lancer.


I love this Lancer rekky :laughing: Imagine how fun this contract could be if wallbangs were still around


Applies to alot of missions tbh.

In the last week before the Lancer got nerfed i did several main missions with it. They weren’t fast time at all, but oh so fun to figure out the setup.


Imagine the rekkys from starting in the consulate garage


You wouldn’t be able to shoot from the garage


But if you took it up into the consulate…