Hitman 2016 Speedruns


Do u have runs of it?? I wanna watch them :smiley:


In order to hit them you’d have to go so far into the consulate that it wouldnt really be viable tbh






Thanks m8 :wink:


Holiday Hoarders - SA/SO (1:00): i’m pretty sure this is a rekky :wink:


Freedom Fighters is bad and Pro mode is bad. I have issues.


Well that’s because you’re playing it wrong, bud. What do you expect? It’s not really built for speedrunning (even though you could do that).

But I totally disagree. Love Colorado and totally love pro mode. It takes away the “convenience” that normal mode gives.

I see pro mode as “earning” SA while normal mode is more like it’s given to you. But that’s just me. :grin:

Oh, and that was a good run.

And I would love if they added if the ai could notice illegal weapons on the ground and take it back to its original spot or at least to the gun cache. If they notice a gun on the ground, they should react the same with an old axe on the ground.


I see pro mode as “earning” SA

I see it that way too; if you can get through all the unfair, not-your-fault bullshit the game flings at you in Pro you deserve that SA kek

seriously Pro is awful


Well I’m not talking about bugs, if that’s what you’re talking about as pro mode does have them, but You see unfair, I see logic and challenge. What’s the point in making pro mode EXACTLY like normal mode with some “added” things that don’t really change the experience?

That was the whole point in making pro. It was to make the game change the way you play. It took what everyone did in normal mode and made you do something different thus giving you a fresh new game to play. Sure the challenges are crap to repeat, but do what kotti just did, a run with a specific weapon. That’s what I love about pro.

But if we go through both modes, there’s far more bigger issues with normal mode than pro mode. I guess it’s just about perspective.

But here’s a question. What if pro mode was what the game was when it was first released? Would many have issues with it? I don’t know, because normal mode wouldn’t have spoiled us with how everything was just so convenient.


Since I stil have the only SA rating I posted my run of level 3 of my escalation:



Why are your “Hitman” graphics so bad, it reminds me of blood money… :smile: Just joking, I’m looking it right know, very impressive!


I wish someone @Kotti @AlexNiedt or someone else would play BM with H6 SA rating in mind. So how H6 rates you on SA, play it like that in BM. That would be fun to watch.


2min on sapi saso. new wr>


That is one of the best H6 runs I’ve seen yet, congrats dude, well deserved time.

AI confused and distracted all over the place.


well thank you m8! im surprised we could put all of those things to work in little over 2 hours.


The best part of that video was this:





already got down to 1:57. going to upload soon and will post it here.

@D1NGdong ive unblocked you on youtube, feel free to comment there, just dont downvote with 13 accounts and we are golden huehue


Here are 2 runs of a challenge that I created - The Blood Money Challenge - The rules r in the description of both videos :wink:



1:57> ripipiripi