Hitman 2016 Speedruns


HITMAN Fashion Police, GO! SA 2:32 (Wulpenstein´s Contract)


Hokkaido - PRO/SA/SO/Main Entrance:


Snap! SA (2:12) | @Euler13’s Contract:


Scorpio Directive in 1:12


Deadly Hattrick Featured Contract
#1 if it weren’t for my boy KiNiU :wink:


woop woop


ripípiripi w/ flying fe.



You know there an in-game timer right??


Lol I didn’t realise :laughing: it was fun to add my own anyhow! I’m assuming you access it through the in game options?


Pause Menu - Settings - Gameplay -Turn on mission timer :wink:


Just an FYI, you advertise the video as being a speed-run of less than 2 mins, but the video is nearly 6 minutes long.
It takes 2:13 minutes to get to any actual game-play, and then another 1 minutes after as your outro.

Might i suggest you cut them down significantly.

Also a pet peeve, asking for likes and subscribes before showing the content of the video.


You seem to be doing a good job of trawling these forums and critiquing every video I am posting. Perhaps I should create some ‘shitty acapella’ to get your tick of approval :wink:


I think he was only giving u a few tips… :wink:


If by “critiquing every video I am posting”, you mean the 2 threads I have posted in regarding your videos, then I guess so.
Also on the Illuminati video thread you posted I said it was “spicy”, aka good.

Perhaps I should create some ‘shitty acapella’ to get your tick of approval :wink:

You can do what you want with your channel, you don’t have to listen to me at all. I’m just giving you some tips to help your videos.
I could of easily of said “LOL your videos are shit, you suck”, but instead i’m giving you some constructive advice.


The Meme Bros


SA/SO Fiberwire on Club 27 - 4:32


Landslide - SA/SO by Stage Eletrocution:


Bodywork 55 sec (rekt KiNiU version)