Hitman 2016 Speedruns


Flying phone for Novikov and flying duck for Dalia. (MUST SEE) (NOT CLICKBAIT)




Friend just got the game, so I felt like revisiting the prologue maps. Freeform Training sa/so/no ko’s/fibre wire in somewhere around a minute


The Shotgun Maestro 3:51 (Bernardo´s Contract)


Gladwyn Simulacrum Level 5 - 1:11 (i believe it is the best legit time)


Nice concealable boomerang!


Might as well put this here. It’s not usual that I get 1st place.


Gladwyn Simulacrum - Level 5 - 1.05


rekky rekky:


The Final Test, sa/so/no ko’s fiber wire


Ditto but 25 seconds (or so) faster :slight_smile:


Sapienza - Silent Assassin/Suit Only/Fiber Wire (3:37):


Freedom Fighters SA (1:05)

It’s fxgfw’s idea in which I avoided the collateral damage and improved the time a bit.


I remember watching @mendietinha live twitch stream doing this. Man, that was fun to watch.


it was painful to finally get the 1:03 and miss the prompt at the end twice.


How many times did he take to pull it off? For me, it’s like hundreds of times.:neutral_face:


3 days. 13 hours each.

edit: i miss prompt in 2 runs, i miss several headshots, i miss key to enter tornado shelter… terrible stuff.


Yeah, happens to me too. I either miss prompt or the chandelier at the beginning.


Beating Colorado in 1 minute. Whoa.


Thanks dude!:wink: It really took a lot to get it done.