Hitman 2016 Speedruns


Streets of Hope (Shaving Lenny) SA/SO:


I did not know that, wow.


Sapienza SA/SO/No Loadout 2:54:


Fight Night Easy/Shadow/Suit Only 1:41:

Sadly, this strat only works on easy mode :frowning:


Not true. You can kill non targets in checkpoints without targets by headshot/hidden body, or silent kill hidden body.


Really?? I didn’t knew that… I checked it out before playing… I gotta double check it hold on!! Yeah, u were right


I meant to clarify to dummee about the non target. Not respond to you. Somehow I got confused about who I was responding to. I just woke up.

But yeah… that only applies to checkpoints without targets. Ok now it’s correct. I think?


Ok, but SA is max rating in Fight Night then… How did I got Shadow???


Shadow on the rating screen as an overall rating is correct because of the first checkpoint. The end screen will show an “average” of all checkpoints together.

Shadow for the first checkpoint + SA for fight night = Shadow.

Max rating category goes by checkpoint anyway.


Wait, so to get max ratings category, I must get max rating on all checkpoints not just overall screen??


yes. 20charsssssssssss


I’ve been doing it all wrongKappa…


If you kill a non target, it’s not SA. Case closed. :sunglasses:


That is only true for highest ratings of current game. All the others had exceptions.

The non target he killed was not in a checkpoint that contained a target. Shadow was the highest possible rank for first cp in fight night. He got shadow. That is the highest possible rating.

He got Silent Assassin in the second. Both of those are max ratings per checkpoint.

Now it’s closed.


I think SA and Contracts had around a maximun between 1-2 non-targets that were bodyguards that you could kill and still get SA rank as long as you didn’t get a close encounter or fired a shot. Absolution is a mix of getting a silent kill and hiding the body in a container to erase the penalty of points for killing a enemie if I’m not mistaken.


H2 and contracts both allow for various combinations of enemies killed, alerts, close enounters and shots fired.


I found a crowbar. Reopened it.

Hitman 2016 rules only apply. All other SA rules are obsolete. Now Case closed. I strapped a CX bomb on it so don’t bother trying to reopen it…unless you wanna blow yourself up. :joy::joy::joy:


Contracts allows you to fire as many shots as you want as long as you keep all the other factors against your score in 0 (no enemies killed, close encounters, NPCs harmed, etc.). I tried this with SA and it doesn’t seems to apply.


Sick burn. I go cry in corner now. :frowning:

3rd (or maybe it’s 4th? Have not played in a long time) shot fired in H2 will blow the rating on its own provided everything else is 0. yes contracts is unlimited if all else is 0, but goes down to 1 or 2 depending on situation.


Yup. You are correct. It’s a shame that the dual silverballers are limited for the shots factor in SA. Those ragdoll physics were useful to hide bodies. SA hasn’t aged too well in general mechanics.