Hitman 2016 Speedruns


As long as it’s just the target, is also unlimited. Common trick in Seafood massacre is to shoot the red dragon dude down into the sewer to hide him.


I was refering to SA and it’s limit with shots fired. Contracts is pure love with the shots fired mechanics. Nothing like emptying 48 .45 ACP bullets in Lee Hong while he chases you with his poisoned sword.


Coolest Yuki Kill ever huehue:


better door and smaller detour would gave me 1:02. but my job is done here.




I had fun with Absolution but didn’t really consider it a true Hitman game. As a separate game I liked it.



Just being silly…


Finally made a Hokkaido video.


Says he’s a noob at Hokkaido, does an amazing run in the same day.


Haha, thanks. I’m still a noob at Hokkaido. This run didn’t require an map knowledge.


What’s the purpose of the box? Is there one or is that just the “silly” part?



No purpose whatsoever. Just that it looks ridiculous. :yum:

During my stream yesterday, I figured I’d do a run holding the donuts. I accidentally picked up the catering box, and it made everyone laugh, so I recorded this. :grinning:


Ah. Haha. Too funny. I thought that running with the box confuses the ai so they don’t shoot at you.


No, for whatever reason I exited through the garage to avoid being shot. I did something different with every attempt while recording. I’ve just been improvising as much as possible lately. Mainly because I don’t have any good ideas, I guess. Haha


Here are 2 WR’s I got on Absolution:

Blackwater Park any% 1:58:

Run For Your Life any% 6:04:


Hokkaido Pro/SA/SO silverballer 1:50


The Meat King’s Party - PRO/SA/AZ - 3:14:


What’s AZ? Not familiar with that.