Hitman 2016 Speedruns


All Zeroes, it means that in the rating screen everything is in 0.


Til Death Do Us Part - PRO/SA/SO/Fiber Wire - 2:21:


Yesterday, @JDMHatch_G Hatch gave me this challenge:
-Kill Both Targets as Plague Doctor using a Katana
-Can’t Kill Silvio Caruso in the Observatory
-Can’t Kill Francesca in Her Office.


Nice work on both kills. Using opportunities really changes the way you can come up with kill ideas.
But why are your latest vids laggy in audio to video? They dont sync.


I don’t know… Some problems with win 10 dvr I guess…


The Opal Absolution - Level 1


Old featured contract. Improved version of @BernardoOne idea to start as techy tech tech


Summer Internship - Featured contract 2:46


had to share the most badass ho ho ho in the planet.


looks like taopaipai couldnt resist. have you seen this run before?




So are you saying you copied him?



he not only copied a warm up run i do on stream but poorly executed it. missing 3 doors and doing a terrible first shot. what a guy…oh and he actually scopes the last guy huehue


Unfortunetly that’s what these people do. There’s someone I know on ps4 that does the same except he hardly ever makes vids. He copied GuLe’s Hell’s Kitchen run just to get top leaderboard.


Doing all the 5 challenges in one contract.
Id: 1-10-0542575-04


Like I always say: Leaderboards don’t define skill, coming up with cool stuff does.
Sometimes u can come up with cool fast stuff


Colorado - Silent Assassin/Masamune Only:


Guess this goes here

All Main Missions - Silent Assassin with Special Disguises (17:05)


So I did a Ninja themed Sapienza run where I tried to use my Silverballer as little as possible. That’s why I didn’t shoot the obvious objects you normally would.

Hitman Sapienza Masamune Suit Only



Holiday Hoarders SA/SO 53s

Hokkaido any% 29s