Hitman 2016 Speedruns


Right you are XDD
I’m tired


Got it in 3:51.

Only way i can think of doing it faster. I just waited out the cutscene at the start which is why it is cut out. And doing the mountain kill prob saves a few seconds. Only way to save time would be to kill her in her room but good luck with that


That is really clever. Good one.




That’s what I was about to tell him start in def. start location instead of morgue and play the full cutscene cuz Yuki takes her time to arrive at sauna. His own run could’ve been 40-45 sec faster. Nice Yuki kill btw.


I did this 2 days ago when I was having a conversation with Opal in other thread. First I did it in 2:20 with heart snipe. It felt cheap so I did it again properly in 2:50. Vid uploading now.





Sapienza PRO/SA 1:12 World Record:

Credits to J8J8J8JJ8 for finding the virus spot, and to @GuLe for showing me the video,
PS: This is the first time that I get a faster time than GuLe on something :smiley:


I never should have posted that reply for help here. Now people are stealing my Hokkaido Lancer idea. Rito.


Every hitman player is a thief.

except me


We inspire each other.


I lost count with how many times @Fortheseven stole my runs.


World of Tomorrow SA (55s)

Some tricks from @theWizard (Phone explosion wallbang) @J8J8J8JJ8 (Virus spot) and @BernardoOne (Breacher sweet spot)


you weak mortal. Sprut 0:09. Git Gud.


:wink:This is really a huge time saver. I suppose the phone explosion triggers the drop of the stalactite, thus destroying the virus?


and me

20 jarbingers


You’re a monster. Wp!


Thanks m8, since you’re from IO-I I must say season 2 or rito ୧༼ಠ益ಠ༽୨

If he likes the post season 2 confirmed