Hitman 2016 Speedruns


I would love to work with rito games. Petition to get Helmut Kruger into league of legends? :smiley:


Nice try though :joy::joy:



He didn’t like/confirm. Are we in trouble? :flushed::cry:


Season 2 is scrapped. They are working on an Absolution sequel.


Please die


He obviously does not want to appear on IGN, Game Informer, Gamespot, Kotaku and just about any other gaming news site as the source for season 2’s confirmation. He is probably under an NDA anyway.


Please burn


Well played :joy::joy::joy:


Little preview of the full game falling objects only speedrun i’m working on


Nothing special, just wanted to toss Fernando over that particular railing.


Paris Masamune Only:


Sajarevo Six - The Enforcer 17s


I Knew You Were Trouble (Sapienza) (1:53)


The runs I’m most proud of.


how about the hokkaido lancer run.


A Gilded Cage Falling Objects Only


Unless it’s moose for zaydan and toilet for claus, I’m not gonna watch it.


Afraid you won’t watch it then.


Everyone found new ideas and made better runs than mine. Besides, the one I did was really slow, so I’m not proud of it. But I like how people took my idea of killing both targets with the Lancer and made their own routes.


Alt. Hokkaido Lancer strat