Hitman 2016 Speedruns


Sick strat C2H6O. A pleasure to watch your run. That yuki spot ^^


Great run. Loved that yuki shot.
But since it’s an “alt” strat (which makes it longer), how is this a speedrun? Isn’t speedrun supposed to be FASTEST route? Or is just “running” for 10 minutes also considered speed? So technically, this should be in Hokkaido playthroughs. It must be an entitled thing. :thinking::man_shrugging:



Marrakesh SA/SO 1:53 World Record


Break both of the SA record(1:34,by j8j8j894j8) and SA/SO record (1:53,I did yesterday).


Holiday Hoarders - SA/SO World Record


I’ve never seen that exit before


Hokkaido w/ super duckie


Elegantly done m8


Gotta say though, i dislike the napoleon wall trick


best trick ever,like it or git rkt m8.


Not really, loved the rest of your route, but the napoleon wall trick is shit


nah,the rest of the route are time,skills and effort,but that trick means creativity,so it’s more important.


How is it creative when it’s the same every time? Just have to find a spot to lure.

I dislike this trick, still your marrakesh run was awesome <3


I agree. By the majority of speedrun categories, glitching is considered any%. Creative it may be, but it’s still bullshit.


But then again sliding from H2 was a glitch and I can’t recall a sa speedrun without it…



Not true. 2020202020


I’ve never considered speedrunning to mean simply going for the fastest times, at least in Hitman. If it is, I need to stop saying I do speedruns.


napoleon wall trick=bullshit -> gunshot wall trick =bullshit -> wallbang = bullshit -> lancer=bullshit -> sap=bullshit ->hitman2016=bullshit ->hitman franchise=bullshit