Hitman 2016 Speedruns


https://clips.twitch.tv/SillyAntediluvianPanRiPepperonis?tt_medium=clips_api&tt_content=url Look at this nasty head turning smh :man_facepalming:t2:


Thanks for the tips! I didn’t think to lockdown Dalia to make her fast, and I only used the sniper because I had the spare time so it was easier than using he pistol.


Even a shot at it closer to heli can make it sub 2 min. Totally insignificant. Just thought I’d mention as FYI.

This was one of the first routes I did when the rating system stopped counting bodies found for accidents.
I grinded for this shot for like 6 hours.


Freedom Fighters in Vector style


new wr for sa sapi without the rooftop glitch

credits to @J8J8J8JJ8 for the amazing virus finding.


new wr for pro/sa sapi

if i can find a way to get out of the mansion i will put the current pro/sa/so down 35 to 40 secs huehuehue. lets hope we can find a way.


Is this thw hirl relky ?


yes. rooftop glitch was fixed.


Had a busy day knocking out 5 of November’s awesome new Featured Contracts…
I enjoyed playing and I hope you enjoy watching!


Not as busy as I was yesterday, but here are a couple more… enjoy! :slight_smile:


World of Tomorrow SA (1:09) - New WR without rooftop glitch


Can be like 2 seconds faster with perfect execution but whatever, good enough!

Also @mendietinha said that he’ll uninstall if there’s a faster route using electrocution kill, so uninstall stream when? PogChamp


Share some strats about sapienza rekky.

-just use the phone trick to destroy the virus after this two kills,then you can get the current WR rekky.
-feel free to try it
-i will not finish this run until i find something better than the phone trick.

get rekt m8 @GuLe


Sapienza 1:05:

@GuLe Get rekt m8!
Big One for franny is pretty consistent. also.




Ohh sick Silvio kill m8, you do have a smuggle slot tho so crystal ball can still be included for rekky until somoene figures out something that requires using the smuggle point, git rkt m8

You’ll never stop the ball! muahahahahuehuehue


Find something better than phone trick for the virus = I uninstall.


Sapienza 1:00:

@Bending_Cheese67 Get rekt m8!

Going full tao is pretty consistent. also.


Youtube’s destription:

Temporary rekky while I work on sub 1 strat (with different virus kill), I believe it can happen, but it’s not a consistent strat at all, so I don’t know when it will happen hueheuheuehue.


looks like you are going to get rekt by yourself m8


It still involves phone so no uninstall hueheuheuheu.

Basically get out of the mansion vaulting, throwlo phone and shoot, the chance of it working probably exists, but it’s very tiny hueheueuehe, can be sub 1 tho.


2 yolo shots = sub 1